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Your home for a mahogany table long or round the table

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-11

but, don't think that eat is just used to the table, on the choice but hidden university asked? Also has a lot of friends in the tangle of choice or long table is round table and confusion, we today according to the modern way of life and the objective factors, to analyze the home is suitable for round table or counter.

dining habits, and fusion of Chinese and western culture difference between

the different Chinese and western dining etiquette culture, leading to the choice of the table is also different, the west is mainly to eat western food, everyone's meals are on his plate, and use a knife and fork to eat, so the west is more rectangular table.

in China, is a more exquisite complete harmony, and associated with more than our dining habits, this is the Chinese food in the dish, so more round table is the choice of the ancients.

of course, there is very famous in ancient times square table. The design has also been to this table.

but in today's era, Chinese and western culture is becoming more and more, many Chinese families also like western food habits, and even will be set to western-style kitchen of open mode kitchen, this let many people's way of life and different changes have taken place.

door model is different, the table also has effect on the choice of the

different family size, recommend the table is also different, in today's suite design, if it is in the same space, sitting room and dining-room so many recommended rectangular table, convenient aisle leave not just to save a space so, on dimensional layout design is more reasonable.

but if the design of villa or suites, the restaurant is independent of a space, so you can rest assured the choice of the round table, because the round table is relatively occupies a space, but for family construction and use of the experience, the round table is more convenient.

according to the actual situation and needs to distinguish select

in view of the actual situation of the present life, when designing counter generally can also fully considering the practicality of the product and spatiality.

for example: the round table, mostly in 1. 28m- The range interval of 2 m, if not many meal together in the home crowd, no more than 5 people, you can choose 1. 28 m length of the round table, because it will not affect the food, and be closer will let the family sense of distance. Of course, if more people, then 2 m table is also a good choice. The rotary table usually configuration, convenient people dining, rotating clip vegetables.

but if like rectangular table, 1. 5 m table is also a good choice, if a larger long table, there are 1. The table of 78 meters.

table for the choice of round and square each have their own claims and benefits. Here we share a table sat the etiquette knowledge: on the long table, more than two head master sitting; In the round table, introduction to give priority to sit more see table straight Angle.

but both long and round, as long as it is love, that is the most suitable!

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