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You should know real wood custom again

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-25
When the concept of real wood custom is gradually thorough popular feeling, some people think the finished product french country furniture is more save money, but in fact this is a misunderstanding, the pursuit of functional requirements and the combination of art to enjoy high-grade furniture cannot be measured in performance, many consumers tend to covet is cheap to regret later. What the custom solid wood furniture value most? How to order a high quality solid wood furniture?

solid wood custom furniture value most?

first of all, a good solid wood custom furniture elements include the following several aspects: material, process, design, product ideas ( Brand value) This a few parts.

1, custom-made oakwood furniturevalued material

refers to the products used in wood, wood as people, wood has the branch of medium, high, low, different wood color, and texture of material each are not identical, different grades of wood brings enjoyment is different also.

2, custom-made solid wood french country furniture value process

refers to the product manufacturing process, good manufacturing process is not the same as fit spell Angle, pan is neat and smooth, paint thick and shiny, but more importantly, by means of consummate retain the natural beauty of lumber itself, with artistic way to foil a natural lumber high depth of grade. 3

value, custom-made solid wood furniture design design, good oakwood furnitureneeds tailored design will be functional and aesthetic organic unification, just meet the function of the furniture already far cannot satisfy the more high-end customers spiritual pursuit and enjoyment, only understand life more, learn more about eastern and western culture and art thoughts, has the rich life experience of the designer to design a perfect work, believe that a classic solid wood furniture, a functionality and artistry, a collection of solid wood french country furniture can be used as a unique work of art is the love of solid wood products consumers dream!

art originates from life, art is not placed in the museum on the shelf and cult, overall solid wood custom furniture to show the charm of art in the life. Solid wood custom brand insist independent one-to-one customization design, fine craft, to become a few pay attention to the quality of life in the city of people preferred that occupy the home. On the design concept is not limited to a single style, products on the basis of log environmental to log furniture DIY design, make full use of every inch of space, achieved perfection in collocation is inclusive and fashionable personalized. Its products cover the whole house real wood custom, from popular brands in real wood the overall solid wood custom tailored to tooling villa, from custom solid wood cabinets to solid wood cabinets, hall from solid wood wardrobe, solid wood cloakroom to solid wood cabinet, from solid wood wine to solid wood wine cellar, from eat edge ark to solid wood panel, solid wood from solid wood door to real wood ceiling, real wood the overall design custom brings you not only save worry, time and energy.

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