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You can't be refused to Europe type furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-12
A lot of friends when traveling abroad, are easily attracted by European medieval castle. And the castle's luxury home decoration, as embodied the duke noble noble, luxurious status symbol, often make a lot of visitors marveled, linger. European furniture usually do manual work is complicated, many of them are pure handmade, fine carve patterns or designs on woodwork is heavy and complicated, but most European furniture prices also make friends. Because is difficult to imitate and copy, production cycle is long, so a lot of people for Europe type furniture is basic it is dust, so why is Europe type furniture home price so expensive? European furniture and how to produce? Let below small make up for your detailed analysis. Good european-style furniture, are insisting that is finely crafted every piece of furniture, wood cutting, solution of material from the beginning. Everything is in accordance with the procedures strictly. Parts such as door plank, manufacturing has been completed, sent to carving workshop, by professional artists to use white paper pattern from the template copying down again to the closet door, with a black pen on the board. Every line, every piece of decorative pattern, are with many years experience in manual carve patterns or designs on woodwork teacher a knife a knife carefully. About nearly two months time, the whole event is a complete blank. Blank after half a month time of sunlight and rain shower of photosynthesis, water content reduced to 15% or so can enter the paint program. After three grinding - first - - - - - Coarse grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding, and then to paint. Every daub, must enter the clean room dry 48 hours, and then polished. Spraying the second again, 48 hours, drying, grinding, repair. Spraying again for the third time, grinding, and dry. The spray paint, drying 48 hours can be completed. The whole process needs about a month's time. At this point, is the basic completion. By professional technician in a particular installation platform assembly, are allowed to leave the factory. What about the price? European furniture since the heat is expensive! In addition to the European and Europe type sofa bed, the price of Europe type furniture from 1000 to 2000 yuan, basically is the price we buy a good simmons bed. But it is worth you pay, in addition to luxury honourable, the quality and appearance of the product itself is quite satisfactory, good Europe type furniture can do many years not rot bad craze.
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