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Work study area to information design and layout

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-21
Families today tend to be adults to work during the day, their children to school, came home in the evening, the children to do homework, long burial, especially intellectuals, more reading, writing, research problem, therefore, keep a bedroom in the limited area of study, read a book of heaven and earth is indispensable.

work and study area is the most important furniture desk and chair. Secondly, have bookcase bookshelf, etc.

in the arrangement of work and study area has the following several principles:

first of all, to ensure the applicability of the furniture. The so-called, is to be able to better satisfy the needs of users. In work and study area, a fellow desk, for different users have different forms. Desk such as engineers, designers, best to both the function of drawing table; Artist's desk to bigger, in order to make sure they can in the writing of painting aplomb; Researchers of desk can be simpler, but requires a few bigger, library shelf space enables commonly used reference books, reference books handy, for reference. Moreover, the applicability also reflected in the scale of the furniture. People working at his desk for a long time, if the scale of the seats, countertops, ratten is unreasonable, it will be harm to the user's physical and mental health. Thus, desk, chairs to height, bookshelf, ratten suitable in nearby as far as possible, in order to use convenient. If conditional word, chair seat should adopt special work, in this way, not only height adjustable backrest Angle variable, but also can rotate within 360 degree and the movement of the push and pull, can better meet the needs of the many aspects.

second, within a small area of the bedroom, can consider furniture general appropriately. Smaller family living space, for each family member to prepare a condition is superior learning space, thus multi-purpose french country furniture are available to solve the problem. For example, desk and dresser, table, etc can be taken into account. In addition, folding desk are available, and set up the workspace in the corner and other ways to solve this problem.

again, pay attention to the work and study the spatial segmentation problem. In the study, work need to have a quiet atmosphere, as a result, the available space partition, french country furniture, screen or shade curtain do in order to form the relatively independent small space, make the people who work in a sense a closed; 。

the lighting in area of work and study, also should pay special attention to, it is best to use around 40-watt incandescent lamp as light source, it is good for people's eyes, make people eyes not easy fatigue in reading, writing. The work light of push-pull freely and convenient mobile desk lamp is indispensable. Of course, also need to work at home during the day people had better set the desk under the window, in order to get more natural light.

learning atmosphere and in the office, family, school is different. Can't bring home the work of the study area designed to be solemn, serious, should make a person feel warm, comfortable and not depressed. In this way, can be used in the environment of the blue, green, white wait for cool color to move, some lively adornment ornament, to make learning atmosphere to do relaxation.

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