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Wooden furniture of Europe type style how to prevent moths

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-24
A lot of people in choosing a customized furniture of Europe type style, will choose real wood, since it is made of wood furniture is likely to be bugs, especially after accidentally touch the gap in this rainy weather, it is easy to mildew insect, be sure to do the pest invasion, then how can prevent moths real wood furniture of Europe type style? Please come with small make up I learn today. Clean washing sunny day will be has been eat by moth wooden fence in chaoyang, brush with wool or cotton dips in diesel wooden fence all besmear again. To besmear bask in two or three hours, bask in again, to see the moth to die in the mouth of the cave. And then washed with detergent liquid, dry. Take precautions against termites woodiness furniture found snake, you have to do a good job of termite control. Now termites yao is very scientific, as long as there is a poisoning, will spread the whole hole like bing poison termites, kill all the results. On class besmear brushs paint has yet to suffer some corners, using raw tung oil, shellac varnish or lacquer coating, brush the surface of the wood cabinet, separate moths from the air, and achieve the goal of moth-proofing. Note that when besmear to brush, both the front and wooden wall coating evenly. The above is the small make up to bring us, about the wooden furniture of Europe type style how to prevent moths method is introduced, hope these methods can help to you.
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