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Wood furniture with mortise and tenon joint only in order not to rust

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-22

one, has a long history of the technology to create unique heritage of the Chinese nation.

the study found that the hemudu neolithic as early as 7000 years ago, our ancestors began to use the mortise and tenon joint, that is to say, mortise and tenon joint structure, is a unique process to create the Chinese nation, has a long history.

high waist arms, tenon

70 century, through constant development and to create the art process, skilled technique and technology have been fit. Chinese traditional furniture ( Especially in the Ming and qing dynasties furniture) At today's levels, with the use of characteristics of the structure has a direct relationship, also is the ingenious use of structure, the promotion of Chinese style french country furniture art value. Do not use nails, so it can be said that the Chinese style furniture is a kind of traditional, is common agreed, was a continuation of the upper hand and carried forward. Chinese style furniture is also known as traditional furniture, mortise and tenon joint structure is the core.

2, mortise and tenon joint structure combination of french country furniture furniture more sturdy than with nails connection.

this is mainly manifested in the following five aspects:

plate wipe out through mortise and tenon made head

the first, is the tenon and mortise and tenon joint structure frame, the combination of wood is between more and less, high and low, between long and short of ingenious combination, this combination can be effectively limited in all directions between the wood of twist. Do not iron nails and connection. Like, two root wood with nails Cheng do T word combinations, vertical Cheng with transverse Cheng distorted very easily and change the Angle, and with mortise and tenon joint, will not be distorted.

cylindrical t combined with tenon

second, metal rust easily, or oxidation, and the true annatto furniture, can use hundreds or thousands of years. A lot of bright type furniture for hundreds of years ago, is not vicissitudes of life, but the wood is hard. If use nails combination such furniture, probably wood in good condition, but because of the connection of metal corrosion, fatigue, aging, and make furniture apart.

chuck tenon ( Article leg foot top clip embedded teeth with tooth head)

third, mortise and tenon joint structure of the furniture is convenient for transportation. Many, annatto furniture is disassembling transport to the destination again combination, installation is very interest. If use nail connection furniture, although can make department of separation, but like a small wood piece more furniture such as chairs, won't do it.

save side play slot round sweet a few

4, mortise and tenon joint structure of the furniture is convenient for maintenance. No matter what kind of furniture, use for a long time all need maintenance, maintenance and pure annatto furniture can use hundreds of thousands of years. For example, a root Cheng broken need to be replaced, can easily repair the furniture with mortise and tenon joint connection, with the furniture of nail connection, do this kind of furniture more easily remove the change is not like mortise and tenon joint structure.

5, because the mahogany wood is hard, and nails depends on crowded and wedge was gate, this process is easy to cause wood splitting, master carpenters are very clear on this point.

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