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Wood furniture in time

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-19
Wood, stone, uniform texture, refreshed, and soft, the constraint. The ancients summed up the wood with extremely succinct language characteristics, has also been used as a Confucian tradition of claim to the gentleman's character. The ancients therefore for wood. Ming to early qing dynasty, because in the process, shape, material, layout, etc have great breakthrough, ushered in the peak of Chinese traditional french country furniture. This period of using texture resilient hardwood furniture material, no metal nail between components, just rely on mortise and tenon joint components can be seamless connection, whisker. Together with its modelling concise and elegant, chic style, is recognized as one of the most important in the history of Chinese furniture style, known as the bright type furniture; , impact so far.

after the modernism of contemporary society, material life becomes rich. New materials such as metals, plastics, carbon fiber has been widely used in furniture manufacturing and mechanization of production and new technology become a theme of furniture of the world. In this case, the wood as a kind of spiritual material, more distinctive. Many excellent designers still love design works of wood material, they explore the wisdom hidden in the wood, create a novel appearance, given its unique charm.

literally, wood is in the nature can find the most materials of wisdom, and the only one able to preserve the carbon balance in the life cycle of materials. Wood from the tree, the tree growth by the sunshine rain and dew to moisten, absorb carbon from the atmosphere, All other materials are on the increase of CO2 emissions) 。 Wood after processing into furniture design, its cells are still alive, still breathing. This is also the reason of wood french country furniture popular major, it is like a living creature, we can live with us, left the years trace, carrying the memory of time.

because each has its unique texture, natural wood mark or color change, make furniture more rich natural beauty, because no two are exactly the same tree, so every piece of furniture has its unique characteristics. With the maturity of the new coating technology, the modern wood furniture generally abandoned the traditional way of film coating, and adopted the show wood instinctive quality open surface coating treatment, such as wood oil or white soap flakes. A new coating technology more environmental protection, people not only contact with the natural material also more intimate.

plain wooden furniture has a kind of detached inner temperament, regardless of the environment is costly or humble, it can stride. Because of the wood, produced more contact between people and furniture. People need to understand it, together with love and care, wood furniture is dies with people, giving back to the comfort and health. Design excellent wood furniture there is a magic, even use it to free language, about some important topics in our life.

people life actively, in order to build an ideal home. When we call a space or a piece of furniture; , we really like is that they suggested way of life. Because we to the United States; Feeling with our understanding of the nature of the good life are intertwined. Sometimes, people will love for something because of the absence. Life in cities of concrete and glass buildings, more and more people are yearning to return to nature. Therefore, came to the city in the form of furniture, wood began a new time.

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