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With what are the advantages and disadvantages of ash's home?

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-05
A, ash furniture advantages: ash material cost is relatively high, mainly due to some quality characteristics of ash material. Ash Russian parts of North America and Europe; Has a strong resistance to decay function; Easy to cutting tools, grinding; Ash wood furniture is one of the American high-end furniture main production material, texture and natural beauty, bark and fruit used in medicine to do a laxative, also can be extracted from black, brown and blue dye. Ash furniture appearance more beautiful, the glossiness is very high; Can clearly be seen on ash furniture neat staggered wood, furniture product surface is very smooth, ash material density is higher, strength and hardness is very high, on the mechanics for tolerance is also very high, very suitable for making furniture, can be used to collect and display. Ash furniture drawback: it is a good thing also exist shortcomings, ash furniture only rely on import in our country, ash this real wood material is very scarce, the sources of the raw material is very difficult; Ash material drying performance more bad, if no deal with good, there will be a cracking deformation, etc. , will seriously affect the appearance and use; Ash furniture surface easy burr, therefore in the process of production need extremely exquisite craft. Three, ash furniture maintenance ash this kind of material is very rare, so be very careful in the usual use. We said in the ash furniture shortcomings of dry ash materials is very poor, so be very careful in the maintenance of this. In use at ordinary times, don't let the sun direct illuminate ash wood furniture, or directly to draw the curtains; Always with moist, clean cloth to wipe ash wood furniture; On a regular basis to maintain oil ash furniture.
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