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Why the formaldehyde will rebound? How to eliminate the formaldehyde?

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-17
At any time the temperature slowly recover, indoor formaldehyde pollution has become a lot after decorating, even in using one or two years of the headaches of consumers. It USES a lot of methods and products with formaldehyde, why will there be any formaldehyde? Why before processing qualified back? Furniture fan to take you to look at. We know that any activity that gas is related to such factors as the temperature, pressure, in the same area basic constant atmospheric pressure, the temperature is changing. Temperature at 0 ℃ - Between 18 ℃, formaldehyde release a quantity to a constant, and low rate of Temperature in 19 ℃ - Between 45 ℃, formaldehyde release a quantity to increase the rate of increase obviously. We can summary 'formaldehyde pollution related to the indoor temperature, indoor temperature is more than 19 ℃, formaldehyde release quantity as the temperature increases'. Based on the objective law, we know the winter indoor formaldehyde concentration is lower than in the summer, so winter low temperature detection will not overweight may summer indoor formaldehyde exceeds bid. Indoor and outdoor concentrations are higher in summer, open a window ventilated can let the formaldehyde diffusion, winter low temperature ventilated outdoor cannot have the effect of reduce indoor formaldehyde. Why not completely get rid of formaldehyde after using formaldehyde scavenger? Formaldehyde scavenger, listen to the name that is the removal of formaldehyde. Yes, there are many effective formaldehyde scavenger products are can well solve the problem of indoor formaldehyde pollution, and formaldehyde pollution sources are targeted for different products. But some opportunistic merchants than only short-term formaldehyde pollution sources of the propaganda can eliminate formaldehyde pollution for a long time, also can cause the use of formaldehyde scavenger governance after such problems as incomplete or a rebound effect. According to the principle of in addition to the effect of formaldehyde and, in addition to formaldehyde method can be divided into the following five categories: a, catalytic method refers to the use of which has the function of catalytic materials such as titanium dioxide, such as phosphate titanium dioxide catalytic oxygen in the air and the oxidation decomposition reaction, such as formaldehyde pollution so as to achieve the governance effect of formaldehyde. Belong to this kind of method of photocatalytic products and have in addition to formaldehyde air conditioning of catalyst modules. This kind of method of the product would be helpful for the purification of indoor air formaldehyde. The slight formaldehyde ( Double) , have purify the lower effect. On most of new decoration, new furniture, indoor formaldehyde more than 0. Not more than 2 indoor formaldehyde pollution, and belong to the passive purification. 2 cover, smell the smell of the so-called is covered with the smell of some items to cover the stimulation of formaldehyde and the sense of smell. Belong to this kind of method of using air freshener, put onion, pineapple, grapefruit, tea, vinegar, etc. The so-called except the formaldehyde method is unable to solve the problem of formaldehyde pollution, not belongs to the category of the disposal methods of formaldehyde, and is the product of awareness instinct to escape, just paralysis of our senses. Three, ventilation dilution is simple, is also one of the most commonly used in addition to formaldehyde method. We here ventilation includes two kinds of natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation, natural ventilation, that is, we often say the open doors and Windows ventilation; Mechanical ventilation fresh air system, is by means of mechanical ventilation to achieve effective indoor ventilation. Ventilation can only solve existing formaldehyde in indoor air, only take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure. Ventilation to deal with short-term formaldehyde indoor pollution source has certain effect. Four, oxidation material refers to the use of antioxidants or strong oxidizer, spraying or natural volatile spread to indoor, oxidizing reaction with formaldehyde in the air, belong to this kind of method of chlorine dioxide as the main component of decoration in addition to flavor agent, catalyst, air and ozone or machine, etc. This kind of method to purify indoor air formaldehyde had an effect, existing of indoor formaldehyde such as sofa, wallpaper, curtain short-term pollution source has certain effect. On most of new decoration, new furniture, indoor formaldehyde more than 0. Not more than 2 indoor formaldehyde pollution, short-term effect are ( Within two weeks) But will soon bounce back. In addition, when using the oxidation products processing indoor and they should not, to close the doors and Windows, use to be ventilated for a period of time, after should not stay, immediately thought of residual oxidant harmful to human body, this is also some consumers use products in addition to formaldehyde after the so-called secondary pollution problems, in fact, no secondary pollution, — Oxidation products is improper use or after use, the effects of residues. Five refers to the use of a adsorption capacity and adsorption items placed in a space with formaldehyde, reduce indoor formaldehyde by adsorption. Placed activated charcoal or bamboo charcoal or green plants, such as using diatom ooze wall has certain adsorption ability of material to reduce or purification of indoor air formaldehyde belongs to adsorption method. Products in addition to the effect of formaldehyde adsorption is some but are very weak, only can be used as the auxiliary method. Speaking of adsorption ability, actually let's indoor cotton curtain, paper and non-woven cloth of wallpaper, cotton-padded clothes quilt has certain ability of adsorption, the same as those things above, also will become the second after adsorption formaldehyde pollution. Because after adsorption saturation, is released under the right conditions again, this is also why yao said after eliminating formaldehyde originally placed inside the wardrobe of cotton quilt etc to dry, especially infant children's clothes. Effective, therefore, to make sure that the formaldehyde, can choose the above method, the comprehensive multi-pronged, the effect will be much better.
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