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Why do the ancient wood without nails? — — Look silly

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-12

about Chinese ancient wooden buildings, believe that many people all know that there is a characteristic, that is no matter how high the building, there is no nails, but is very strong, after hundreds of years to fail. We saw some classic furniture also is no nails, but it is very strong, these are going on here?

▍ mortise and tenon joint, is the soul of classical furniture, a tenon between bases, at around ten percent of China's thousands of years of traditional furniture culture essence, is the time of classical furniture design of rotary compound.

mortise and tenon joint is an ancient Chinese building, furniture and other equipment of the main structure, on the two components are combined with concave and convex parts of a way to connect. Bulge call tenon ( Or a joint) ; Concave part called bases ( Or mortise and tenon chamfer) 。 Its characteristic is on the object does not use nails, use of mortise and reinforcement, reflects the ancient Chinese culture and wisdom.

mortise and tenon joint structure; Is main structure of the ancient royal architecture, without nails, can be built with wooden frame firmly. Ruban ancestors from 2500 years ago in China, wood and wooden buildings have already formed industry scale, then ruban father had learned to open a dozen hawk, has created the ancient wood want to use the method of open falcon carpentry work. Accumulated over the years, has formed a complete set of hawk technology and culture.

in the song dynasty and the tang dynasty, mortise and tenon joint structure have started to use in indoor furniture. At this time has already formed the scale in construction, system, mature hawk frame structure, frame structure of falcon and up to date with the advent of indoor furniture, ushered in the new brilliance, produced a new height.

the application of mortise and tenon joint


China's wooden building structure generally includes column, beam, fang, plate, truss purlin, stone, rafters, sheathing and other basic building blocks. These components are independent of each other, it is necessary to link up to form a building in a certain way. In Chinese architecture, in principle, adopt the method of mortise and tenon joint connection, also use nails when necessary.


China furniture connect parts of mortise and tenon joint; Practice, is the main structure of furniture modelling way. All kinds of mortise and tenon joint, the application scope is different, but they are in each piece of furniture has the form structure of joint; Role.

if the mortise and tenon joint used properly, can fit tightly between two pieces of wood, to achieve seamless; The degree of. It is ancient carpenter must possess basic skills, the discretion of the artisans craft, can be clearly reflected by mortise and tenon joint structure.

the classification of mortise and tenon joint

dozens of different mortise and tenon joint; , according to the structure used to categorize cooperation, can be roughly divided into three types:

丨 mainly is the joint surface and surface, also can is split in two, also can be a surface and the edge of the transition structure. Such as the slot mortise; , tongue-and-groove tenon; , swallow tail; , wear with tenon; , tenon; And so on.


丨 as point; The structure of the method. Mainly used for as a bearing material t combine, angulation, cross-link, as well as the joint stretches out straight and curved wood. Such as, shoulder tenon; , double tenon; , double tenon; , GouGua tenon; Nail, woven tenon; And half tenon; , tenon; And so on.

case shoulder tenon

丨 will be combined with three components and the structure of the interconnected method, this method, besides using the above some joint mortise and tenon joint structure are more complex and special way. Such as common for Angle projection; , the length of the tenon; , arms, tenon; , see tenon; And so on.

arms, tenon

the role of mortise and tenon joint

mortise and tenon joint is called the soul of annatto furniture, , wooden pieces of the projection of the tenon and mortise of dents, simply bite, then the wooden pieces together, due to different form of connection components, thus derived protean combination, annatto furniture is made to reach perfect unification of function and structure.

what's the advantage of mortise and tenon joint structure?

Ⅰ mortise and tenon joint structure compared with nails, wood between clever combination can effectively prevent the wooden parts of twist, and nail connection is made, with loose nails are analyzed. moreover, the inevitable apart easily.

Ⅱ nails and rust, the problem such as fatigue, and with mortise and tenon joint structure, such as some annatto french country furniture can use hundreds of years also intact.

Ⅲ assembly and maintenance of transport, with mortise and tenon joint structure will have more advantages than the nails.

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