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Whole house switch socket layout strategy, return say is practical!

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-26
Switch socket is small, but the layout is unreasonable, to use will be very upset. If you encounter the trouble? A cold winter day to climb out of bed to turn off the lights? Electrical appliances to use found that hand is missing a socket, only out of the towing line board? The study for the Internet to bend over to the desk plug socket? 。 。 。 。 。 。 A lot of difficult to use to bring trouble to the life. Don't panic, today small make up to teach you how to decorate the room switch socket, shu xin electricity from now on.

porch must be installed a single open double switch, switch to form with the sitting room is double control, convenient to go out into the open to turn off the lights. Sitting room

installed double living room lamp switch control, easy to use, pay special attention to the TV and sofa both sides five hole location and number, to facilitate the use of electrical appliances such as television, floor lamp, water machine, Angle of if you want to buy a few owners also have to consider here the socket layout. Restaurant

single order chandelier and a control switch control restaurant are easily ignored, insert the table below to install the anchor, so don't worry about winter to eat hot pot has to have a towing line board of 5 meters. Kitchen of

kitchen electrical appliances use camp; 。 Counter first installation lampblack machine five hole plug, secondly, such as rice cookers, soybean milk machine, the use of commonly used appliances such as hot kettle. Cabin door protection against oil pollution is a suggested alternative outlet, jack rotary protection, not into the oil pollution, clean health. Mesa under consideration, such as water purifiers, small treasure, disinfection cabinet, such as home appliance, kitchen to install more than five hole plug, and ease of use. Bedroom

main consideration on the bed to use electronic products, such as notebook computers, mobile phones, etc. , can be installed in the head of a bed the USB socket, avoid charging electronic product line with enough. Study of

is mainly the use of computers, is to be reckoned with in the desk of the outlet, the best measuring size desk ahead of schedule, try to plug five holes layout on the desktop, avoid to climb under the table unplug, climbing up and down trouble not only, also easy to flash to the waist. Toilet

use splash water outlet, as far as possible avoid shower water splashed onto the socket. Use hair dryer, recommended not to take off the socket installation, in the process of blowing your hair, how to pull will not loose, safe, and convenient.


mainly consider the use of washing machine, inserted near the laundry pool installation five holes. In domestic outfit switch socket layout is reasonable directly decide the convenience of life, but it's hard to decorate the switch socket when decorate perfection, plans can never catch up with change. So everyone at the time of water and electricity transformation, as far as possible according to their own habits, measure the location of french country furniture appliances and dimensions in advance, to install the switch socket, to leave some regret less electricity in the future.

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