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Whole house solid wood custom; For you make pure real wood furniture of environmental protection

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-21
With the development of social economy, the real wood furniture customization became a kind of fashion, people pursuit is designed; 。 The custom furniture brand on the market is very much, so what brand is good? Listen to real wood furniture below small make up to introduce the custom solid wood furniture!

( Environmental protection solid wood furniture brand _ custom furniture)

custom furniture introduction

yes, custom furniture main shenzhen pure real wood a full set of furniture product customization. Custom furniture from its inception has been adhering to the advocate harmony home environment, advocate contracted the design concept of nature; Enterprise culture of ideas, for consumers to create a perfect pure real wood customize a full set of furniture products.

for custom furniture, the quality of its products is very important, below small make up just a few examples for you!

cabinet: the ambry of custom furniture product cost-effective, has perfect function, aesthetics, and operational ease.

chest: custom furniture products in the chest is the leading products, product design experience in the chest is the most abundant, the product involves open chest, solid wood sliding door, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, bookcase, tatami, and so on.

introduced above are custom furniture brand leading custom products, in addition to these, custom furniture and many other furniture products. With a window, window sill board, bathroom cabinet, floor board, flat door, solid wood door, TV ark, ark, ark, etc. , the consumer can choose according to their own needs.

custom french country furniture quality

a lot of people choose custom furniture, one of the most important thing because of custom furniture quality is the pass. Custom furniture also is such, from several aspects to discuss the below.

furniture hardware: the hardware is very high quality custom furniture, which is with platinum sea emperor poems from Germany hardware, micro star hardware, China yida hardware, etc.

furniture paint: paint is an adjunct to furniture is very important, is directly related to whether formaldehyde exceeds bid, the custom furniture is Taiwan dabao professional wood coatings, wood wax oil, water-based paint, etc.

furniture material: custom furniture is pure solid wood furniture customization enterprises, including selection of real wood material with the United States red cherry, red oak, ash wood, Chinese catalpa wood, teak, fir, etc.

( Environmental protection oakwood furnituresource material to _ the northern forest farm)

custom furniture service

for custom furniture, the service is also very important. Since the establishment of custom furniture will provide consumers with personalized service.

1, custom made furniture has a strong backing, has provided the safeguard for the product after-sales service.

2, after receiving the order to ensure the first falls' design, after drawing confirmed, arrange order production immediately. During the contract period to ensure the quality of the furniture and schedule, and then the door installation;

3, clean and decorate the scene, short-time energy efficiency to save costs;

5, solid wood manufacturing, more environmental protection, mixed density board is better than the market.

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