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【 Whole house custom 】 The sitting room is custom things that cannot be ignored

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-31

what is the whole house custom

from high-end custom to the whole house customization, customization has become the trend of the future. Whole house is from the traditional activity custom-made french country furniture to custom wardrobe, cabinets, shoe ark, and the door, stair, hallway, bay window, etc, decorate to help customers solve all problems, realize the bag at the idea, unified style tonal optimal collocation effect.

in the whole house custom the colour collocation of the sitting room furniture is the key to the indoor environment, the color of the sitting room not only influence perceptions can affect mood.

1, the colour collocation of the sitting room: mainly depends on the living room window orientation, such as the south to the sitting room should be in white as the main tonal, the west should give priority to with light color for the sitting room is tonal. This is because to the west of the west as the sun in the afternoon sitting room is strong, not only the heat and glare, so use lighter and eye protector beautiful green, as appropriate.

2, matching with exquisite: furniture are like actors, and decorate is compared to the scene. The configuration of the sitting room furniture mainly take in decorate color, and the size of the space and the layout of the sitting room, and other factors.

from the perspective of residential space, furniture configuration is mainly refers to the sitting room, bedroom, children room, dining room, the bearing orientation of the study and furniture colour collocation, the unity of the style, product specifications, act the role ofing is tasted.

3, of the sitting room furniture configuration: mainly includes: sofa, tea table, wall units, and the sitting room decorations, etc. Bearing orientation is different, the sitting room on the colour collocation of the sitting room furniture is different also, such as the west to the sitting room, it should give priority to with light color attune to matching the color of the sofa, tea table and units, and then make a decision of furniture design, specifications and configuration.

if don't consider before decorate furniture color, style and specifications, the design of the scheme is a kind of virtual design, and the results with the configuration of furniture decorate must produce contradictions and not harmonious.

whole house custom as now more popular a kind of trend, if you don't know, that's OUT of here today, simple to share with you if you want to learn more, we can continue to pay attention!

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