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Whole house custom how to choose the plank

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-13

popular, the whole house is customized based on customer's requirements and make exclusive services. So in the process of whole house custom sheet need to involve one of the things is to choose.

whole house custom including total integral chest, bookcase, wine cabinet, shoe ark, TV ark, enter type cloakroom, into the wall closet, french country furniture, etc. Due to the good operability of board type furniture, plank became the biggest thorn in the whole house custom dosage of a material.

when choosing whole house custom home users, can have such two options: make sure plank brand, choose whole house custom brand again. Or to choose the whole house custom brand, requirements on board.

in the whole house custom sheet when the choice, you need to consider to have a lot of factors, such as: quality, environmental protection problems, modelling, color, waterproof and flame retarding, etc.

now living in the life, all kinds of door model, decorate a style to emerge in endlessly, should not only highlight the individuality, and style is beautiful, and high cost performance, to understand the following several kinds of plank is needed.

a multilayer

it, is that all the furniture and plate type resin used in one of the least plank, and physical properties and structural stability also basic seconds kill other plate, all the year round to dominate in the furniture plate market.

joinery board

is considered by many as one of the most close to real wood plywood, with less glue, can be used in the cupboard. But because of its structural features, not suitable for production of wardrobe.

particle board

when it comes to particle board will said french country furniture company boasts solid wood grain, a lot of friends know the amount of raw material and use glue particle board. This kind of plank of environmental protection level cap of E0 level.


particle board and particle board is close relatives, are different. Particieboard derived a new product: OSB directional particieboard, on the basis of the original make new breakthroughs, the market prospect is considerable.

density board

this kind of basic gradually decline, in the field of furniture plate plate is characterized by low, low price, environmental protection, quality is low.

solid board

to marketing gimmick, people don't have to. The solid wood on the market if moderators of the base board, tooth pick. But there is no denying that still can use glue, it has to do with multilayer and joinery board is no difference.

all kinds of sheet metal sheet when the choice must pay attention to the production process, environmental protection level, physical performance and enterprise brand reputation.

choose furniture plate for their own lives, the whole house in the can to customize the process. Whole house customization can be favored by more and more friends, mainly due to:

whole house decorate custom simplified process

is a headache for many friends buy, bridal chamber is decorated, cycle is long, affects domestic outfit friend's work and life. Followed by the need to purchase and worry about things too much, sometimes cheat, whole house custom greatly simplify the procedure of decorate, dragon type of service, the home installs friends save time and effort.

whole house custom conforms to modern people's pursuit of life

with the development of society, science and technology progress, domestic outfit friends more and more pay attention to the improvement of life taste, exquisite furniture in practical, on the basis of artistic value and aesthetic function is growing. Whole house can customize in the design process and domestic outfit friend deep communication, fully integrated domestic outfit friends living habits and aesthetic standards.

whole house custom will environmental protection to a new height

whole house custom very pay attention to the mining of environmental protection, especially in the first-tier cities, ordinary E0 level already cannot satisfy the people in the pursuit of environmental protection. And not just on select material, in the process of production process, will be environmental protection to a supreme status.

whole house custom process, for home users, furniture brand, the brand sheet and so on, have a positive effect, create win-win situation, the wisdom of The Times.

select the appropriate home plate and the whole house custom brand, enjoy a comfortable home life.

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