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When furniture becomes a wish

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-31
Each people all pursue happy, have a heart better. In fact most of the time, wonderful feeling all is for a better life with the nature of the pursuit of the intertwined. As, when we feel a certain space or a piece of furniture beautiful; , we really like is that they suggested way of life. And at more of time, we will be missing for some for some people or things. Just like living in the concrete and glass building in the city, we are yearning to escape from the city, return to nature. So the wood came to the city, in the form of furniture brings us a natural warm life sense.

each has a unique texture, natural wood mark or color change, so the wooden furniture more rich natural aesthetic feeling. Because the world is always there are no two identical tree, so every piece of furniture has its unique characteristics. Solid wood furniture has a kind of simple detached inner temperament, regardless of the external environment luxury or humble, it can be poised, because wood, more contact between us and french country furniture produced.

wood can be said to be in the nature to find the material, the most wisdom is only to preserve the carbon balance in the life cycle of materials. Wood from the tree, the tree growth by the sunshine rain and dew to moisten, absorb carbon from the atmosphere, and all other materials in the increase of CO2 emissions. Wood after processing into furniture design, its cells are still alive, still breathing. It is like a living creature, can live with us, left the years trace, carrying the memory of time. So I put our french country furniture brand name; , I hope to have the person, like to have a pure forest & hellip; …

I like all elves alive, like my furniture. In my eyes, she is our children, grew up in our hand touch, carving timber. And then married, one by one, like every long to female culture of mother, I hope they will always be pure and without any pollution, get recognition and husband's family.

this is what I decided to all his life to the pursuit of good wish: I believe that no one in the world, will be injured because of the pursuit of dreams. When you really eager to something, the whole universe will come to help & hellip;

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