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When decorating, should pay attention to decorate ten details, avoid stepping on the thunder

by:HOOLNN     2021-01-28

all said & other; Decorate everything have to worry about & throughout; How to match colors, room? What to choose paint right? How many socket to hold? … … This series of problems if mishandled, regret not with lewd hurts, hurts to coating was not chosen, not even the curtains shading all pain & hellip; … With regret, I must do to decorate raiders first, small make up take you take a look at now.

1, the color

in home outfit process, the color is arguably & other; Best line & throughout; Is vital to colorific reasonable collocation. Although the popular colors are changing every year, but for the relatively fixed color to choose reasonable is the key. The sitting room should keep the light bright, can choose light color fastens the coating for light scattering, increase the bright degree of the sitting room also won't feel dazzling, also can heat the cool weather in heat dissipation. The bedroom is the place that rest, at the same time is also a very private place, suitable for use mild bright paint, is beneficial to loosen body and mind, promote sleep, open happy heart into sweet dreams.

2, store content

a lot of people complain & other Home store content ark is not enough, it can only be placed in the outside, it looks cluttered. ” In fact, things will only after check-in, in front of the home outfit design should consider to do some more storage cabinet, put things away than the outside look good. Store between content layer board can be designed into the activities of the cabinet of type, so that we can adjust the size of the storage space.

3, floor

floor color selection can be set in accordance with the spatial layout, the bedroom as the main place of rest, the floor slightly deep color, can build a quiet atmosphere; Hutch defends a space is relatively small, floor tile is slightly shallow color, the space look bigger.

4 and outlet

the location of the outlet distribution should have a reasonable planning at the beginning of decorate, the kitchen is placed household electrical appliances more, consider more in every corner of the kitchen a power socket, and can decrease the risk of wire cross Chen. Don't beside the wash basin, electric furnace or other stoves laying wires, must be installed leakage protection devices at the same time, pay attention to must set switch and close the lid, it can save power consumption.

5, curtain

the choice of the curtain needs and space harmonious color collocation, it is more common curtain selection method. Color can make whole room is tonal unity, close a mismatched appear error is small. Choose fabric, must consider towards the window, the window facing south light is good, gauze, thin cotton or silk cloth is suitable; North room, more cold, dark, want to consider heat preservation function.

6, light

home the first thing to consider is the introduce natural light as much as possible, even the rainy weather, natural light can also be poured into the home feel bright and comfortable, don't add too much decoration in the home, so easy to block a lot of natural light. In addition, the lighting are taking home the light bright degree, should at least have more than one light in the room, if the brightness is not enough, you will need to add the ceiling lighting to improve measure, install wall lamp is also a good choice.

7, balcony

the balcony metope is to brush on exterior wall paint, in order to keep strong elasticity, tensile strength can form a protective layer on the surface of wall and at the same time, to resist or in outdoor environments. Of course, you can grow some green plants on the balcony, put a small coffee table, is a good place to relax.

8, kitchen

the kitchen ceiling cannot be ignored, the best hanging roof, it is easy to scrub. Condole top usually use PVC, aluminum gusset plate. Because the kitchen all day is smoky, decorate material aging faster, need to choose anti-aging material. The kitchen because often wash the dishes, cook, and frequent, best chosen prevent slippery floor tile, and joint, in order to reduce the product hidden dirt, easy to clean. Kitchen design needs resettlement eat hutch, used to put the tableware, avoid tableware exposed. It is worth noting that if in the home cooking frequency is very high, open mode kitchen pass off as far as possible, prevent lampblack to flee.

9, toilet

often entangled with toilet is placed the bath or shower, if space is limited, or suggest a shower! A lot of people from the tub installed, never bubble bath is not a few. Shower not shower room, shower room glass scrub more troublesome, also can choose to hang the shower curtain. But if there are two toilet, a bath or necessary, bath or in his spare time to bathe the baby are good options.

10, coating

due to the use of paint, new decorate houses tend to release a pungent smell of paint, the serious influence the health of the family. The use of a large number of synthetic materials in modern home outfit, harmful gas almost hiding in every corner of the home. This time will be crucial for coating. When the choose and buy not covet is cheap, choose a big brand products, so that can have quality guarantee, if you want to save budget, can choose a big brand of common products.

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