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What wood real wood European furniture well

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-21
In recent years, the real wood European household slowly into a family, but what good solid wood furniture? Today small make up take you close to decrypt solid wood European household's secret. Due to the different kinds of wood furniture in terms of price, service life, adornment effect difference is very big also, so, be sure to look for the performance characteristics of the choose and buy. 1, pine ( Pinus massoniana, mongolica) : due to the environmental protection is becoming more and more valued, solid wood furniture begins to increase gradually, which accounts for a large proportion of pine furniture, especially many children furniture is the use of pine. Pine furniture material basically has two kinds, one kind is pinus massoniana, one kind is mongolica, give priority to with mongolica, is an important raw material of man-made fiber board in decorating. Pinus massoniana straight or oblique irregular texture, structure and thick. Become warped crack more serious dry is weakness. No corrosion. Poor paint, glue joint performance. The power that grasp a hammer, as a relatively less carpentry board used in furniture, wood board price is generally with cunninghamia lanceolata integrated plate or big core board size about three times. Mongolica were widely used material for middle-grade solid wood furniture, many log furniture with pine. Pine material is stronger, clearer texture, woodiness is better, compared with Chinese fir, mongolica wood will be more beautiful, also less wood scarring. 2, northeast China ash: decoration panel used in the larger proportion of panel is northeast China ash, may adopt such panel, and its features are inseparable, scientific name of northeast China ash, belong to oleaceae an ash is a kind of wood, the main producing area of northeast China, north China, Russia and other places, the advantage of northeast China ash is lies in its texture, northeast China ash grain is beautiful clear, such as veneer or furniture, brush varnish or white-washed can greatly reflects its beautiful patterns, suitable for contemporary and contracted style, and northeast China ash panel or a veneer of low prices. The disadvantage is that if a solid wood furniture, deformation is bigger, so if is to be completely real wood of northeast China ash, multi-purpose small block splicing. Furniture store to see most of the furniture of northeast China ash is a main frame with real wood of northeast China ash, large area of was stick of wood of northeast China ash, because of the northeast China ash deformation shrinkage big reason. 3, oak, also is a kind of decoration you favorite wood, oak is commonly known as the real oak oak, scientific name called belongs to fagaceae, German oak, red oak, called red German oak, white oak, called white German oak, red oak is not actually true red, but some wooden slant yellow pink, white oak is not white, but a pale yellow, which creates a red oak, white oak color difference is not very big, the oak is characterized by heavy hard, straight grain, coarse structure, quietly elegant of colour and lustre beautiful texture, high mechanical strength, wear resistance, but not easy to dry wood saw cutting and cutting, such as large area USES large deformation degree at the same time, the oak decorative pattern also has the difference between straight grain and horizontal grain, straight grain is good, price is a bit expensive. Using oak to note, many with south-east Asia as oak rubber wood, should pay attention to when buying furniture, wood. For rubber wood, identifying method is rubber no peculiar smell, easy to eat by moth and corrosion. 4, camphor wood, its characteristic is rich in rich aroma, this fragrance can be insect repellent, moth-proofing, mouldproof, sterilization, camphor ball is made of spices in the refining camphor wood. Breadth of larger diameter, material, decorative pattern beauty. Camphorwood woodiness close, there is the beauty of the natural texture, tough, not easy to break, also not easy to produce cracks, is carving craft of choice materials since ancient times. Camphorwood in decorate the back, the drawer board is mainly used for furniture, especially the suitcase, case, cabinet, etc. , of our country of camphor wood boxes of famous Chinese and foreign. Do bed but less camphorwood, because camphorwood send forth of flavor can affect morpheus quality, excitement and even suffer from insomnia, also may cause the symptom such as giddy, all-overish, disgusting, vomiting.
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