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What material do you wardrobe choice of Europe type style is better

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-20
Wardrobe of Europe type style is essential in the bedroom, can say, no wardrobe is not a good bedroom, bedroom will worry when a lot of people in the wardrobe of choose and buy: chest door to choose what material good? Music from the furniture city small make up today will give us the wardrobe door to choose what material good. 1, chest plate of the mainstream on the market at present, there are solid wood, paint, fire three. Use solid wood wardrobe door plank, style is the typical more, usually higher prices. The door frame as the solid wood, cherry wood color, oak, walnut color color to give priority to. 2, lacquer board base material for the density board, the surface bakes entrance lacquer through 6 gush ( 3 bottoms, 2 face, one light) High temperature baking. Currently used in the closet 'paint' only shows a kind of process, namely through into the chamber heating dry paint after spray paint processing base material door plank. 3, fire prevention board type door plank is currently use more door plank material, its color is more bright-coloured, sealing side in a variety of forms, with wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, resistant to cut, penetration resistance, easy to clean, moistureproof, do not fade, feel is exquisite, affordable, etc.
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