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What kitchen mesa is characteristic of each type

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-09

kitchen mesa material classification:

mesa material with stone, wood, stainless steel, cement and other unusual mesa material, one of the most common is stone. Below in turn to see the characteristics of various materials.

- the most common Stone

stone material divided into artificial stone and natural stone material, their characteristics are as follows:

☛ man-made stone mesa:

the mesa artificial stone is the most widely used material, its high hardness, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant, compression, bending and penetration resistance is better, fouling resistance is good, price moderate. Synthetic quartz, is currently the most widely used mesa, about 80% of Chinese ambry mesa is artificial quartz stone, if you do not have special requirements, it will be your preferred mesa material.

bring artificial quartz countertops

artificial quartz is gravel stone with resin glue man-made plank, because do not exist in the nature like marble, a large piece of quartz. The only downside is that it can't do the seamless connection, crevice smudgy difficult to clean up. Quartz countertops in addition to the popular granular mesa, there is a delicate, pure color, can not see the design of particles, and the more exquisite and more expensive.

in addition, artificial stone and acrylic, corian and ultra-thin rock plate and other higher-end artificial stone plate.

bring yakeli mesa, cheap is not good, not good cheap

bring corian mesa, the price is more expensive ( 1. 5 - 2 k/linear meter or more)

bring thin rock plate mesa what all good, the price is more expensive ( SiWuQianKuai/linear meter or more)

☛ natural stone countertops:

natural stone material is a traditional ambry mesa material, hard, scratch resistance, wear resistance is better, but natural stone material has radiation, the area is finite, need to joining together, will produce joint, crack is easy to breed bacteria; And it is hard, but lack of flexibility, in case of any cracks will happen after, difficult to repair, its internal invisible cracks, temperature change will happen rupture.

is the most common in natural stone (marble Web celebrity marble ah ~) And the second is the granite.

bring marble mesa, surface texture, pattern

bring about granite countertops, mottled surface

marble surface pore, prevent acid is very poor, and even a few drops of lemon juice can took it face.

natural stone material in use process, every year or two will be closed, will be on the surface of the pore sealing up, also want to often clean, otherwise it will spend more and more.

bring their marble mesa

good texture - Wood

made mesa of less wood, because wood is more delicate, should often clean, put things before you put all kinds of cushion, daily maintenance and more troublesome. Mesa have solid wood, wood and fire prevention board.

☛ solid wood:

solid wood table will have crack problem, often changes in temperature and humidity of the environment is the most easy to crack, it is difficult to clean up the dirt of aperture after cracking. Puzzle do mesa cracking rate is small, but also craze. In addition, the solid wood fire, can hearth around without solid wood, or use induction cooker.

real wood the daily maintenance of mesa more troublesome, before use paint on the surface or wood oil can better protect mesa, at ordinary times to dry the surface water in time, don't let the high temperature such direct contact with the bottom of the table. 。 。

☛ fire prevention board:

base material of fire prevention board is density board, but make it very realistic wood grain surface, and the surface layer of fire prevention performance is better. Many people say that the service life of fire prevention board is very short, but, the woodiness mesa under the condition of the normal maintenance, woodiness mesa can be a long service life, ikea woodiness mesa 25 years quality assurance & darr; ↓ ↓

although the surface of the fire prevention board performance is better than real wood, but it is also very hot shall not, acid, alkali, daily scrub also cannot simply roughed up. Said in the screenshot, woodiness mesa maintenance need what to do, so, want to send us a message before woodiness mesa maintenance; The fans, remember to find oh ~

controversial - Stainless steel

- not commonly used Other materials

in addition to the above the table, and the cement quality, in industries such as wind art, which is used to decorate the wind & darr; ↓ ↓

toughened glass mesa, bad quality of the crack is easy to occur. 。 。 ↓ ↓ ↓

in addition, there are direct tile countertops, few people use reason you guessed it, a lot of gaps and difficult to clean up ~

☛ for your one sentence summary:

to choose cost-effective quartz countertops, higher level and not a lazy person woodiness mesa in appearance, convenient and clean stainless steel, noble choose marble texture, and of course money ( tu) More than ( hao) Pursue appearance level quality are better optional corian, ultra-thin rock plate, etc.

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