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What is the timber wood sex

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-10
Generally described wood sex, not people men and women, animals and plants to gender difference between male and female, but said the difference between the deformation force, and the size of the twisting force wood, wood itself unique behavior.

carpenters do work, saw a piece of wood, the plane after a plank, often placed a words: the big wood. ; Deformation force, twisting force is bigger, is piece of wood to make the finished product, encounter cold, hot, dry and wet environment change will produce more dramatic changes, big crack, big, big, big shrinkage, sometimes change is not like the appearance, such as was originally a boxy log prescription, can be distorted into a twist, turn on a few bending.

carpenters run into this kind of wood, be extra careful when do work, must try to make strong it, control it, muzzle it, don't call it changed. If meet sex small wood, that is, character gentle and tender some wood, do work will be easier, don't hold so big of heart. Make finished products, also will change, but change with distorted not particularly severe.

what wood sex, what wood sex small?

the old carpenter on timber variety, the heart has its own base. Such as oak wood, northeast China ash, color wood, Maple) Is the big wood. The Korean pine, white pine, basswood, Chinese catalpa wood is a small wood. South the wood species, nanmu, small fir sex, and beech, longan wood. Mahogany acid in the branches, safflower pears, pear big sex, and red sandalwood, chrysanthemum pear relativity small.

the old carpenter distinguish, also know the production skills, able to act well. But sex and sex is relatively small, in comparison. As long as it is wood, it will heat bilges cold shrink, will also be wet bilge drying shrinkage. Classical french country furniture floor are to be kept a 3 - 5 mm of the expansion joints, it is to avoid the big open crack of furniture and extrusion deformation, let it in the process of using the natural temperature and humidity changes calmly.

since wood sexual, before production, to go to this link is very important. Go way is varied, but can be roughly divided into three kinds:

a yue sun; 。 Is putting logs or planks, timber in curing barn for steaming roast inside. Early curing barn, the main burn chopping logs, sawdust, branches, leaves; Later to burn coal, oil, again a little bit progress, electricity heating way to roast, has similar to electric oven. Just baked wood is not the case, but a house. Toasted wood rather long time, don't like toast, a few minutes, more than ten minutes. Early toasted wood, a roast is three, five days, or even a week time, slowly roasted, flux fume grilling. Temperature not too high, can't see open flame, or wood will, become charcoal. After baking, wood of sexual remove many, facilitate carpenters use and operation.

2 yue blow; 。 The essence of the blow is to let the wind blow, can also be referred to as natural air drying process. This requires three, five months or half a year, a year, the plank, timber, one layer upon layer overlay neatly stacking up, each layer of the board, prescription to underlay with small pieces of wood, as the interval, facilitate ventilated breathe freely. Between pile and pile to leave a big gap to leak out. Plate timber yards in commonly the shaded ventilated place, avoid sunlight to make wood up suddenly. Pallet, the top to heavy pressure, such as stone, steel, timber, the heavier the better. By natural wind and rain, the sun, snow buried, wet and dry, wet and dry, wood of smaller and smaller, so the wood of Chen is smaller, the more easy to make and do.

three yue bubble; 。 Is threw logs or planks, prescription to soak in the water. Bubble him a week, two weeks, or even bubble for a month, up according to the natural air drying method of stacking up, after completely natural air-dry to use again. Or soaked in curing barn smoked, another old way can speed up to sex, is to dig a pit drain, adding lime or alkali, to soak wood with limewater, caustic soda, so soak time can be shorten, bubble for two or three days take it out, or dry, or send a barn.

all in all, wood to sexual way is actually represented, bubble the baking, bake the bubble, wet dry, dry wet, the more the number of times over, the smaller the wood sexual. Quite some battle-hardened; The taste of. Also like steel quenching, to red, suddenly inserted into the cold water. Steel quenching far more hard, went to the wood more smooth. More wood to sex, and national economic development, social stability, and must be less, don't.

after going to sex of wood, in the carpenter's hand is much more obedient, being many, made after the furniture, the ratio of heat bilges cold shrink is reduced greatly. In recent years, there are a number of new make of old wood pseudo-classic style furniture, the common people home for decades or even centuries heturen do furniture, beams to break into the board, its stable and less variable. Buy new make of old wood furniture, don't need to worry about the wood.

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