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What is refers to the joint board in solid wood furniture?

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-01

refers to the joint plate type

refers to the joint plate is divided into a nodal section with two types of jointed refers to the board there is scar eye, no section refers to the board, there is no scar eye, looks more beautiful, so some people use directly refers to the board to make the furniture, the surface no longer post any panels, so both the personality, and money, kill two birds with one stone

refers to the joint board to identify

is a look at its core material rings: refers to the joint plate is made of fir wood, annual ring is relatively obvious, the larger the rings, the longer the tree shows, made refers to material also is better.

another method is to see the teeth marks: refers to the joint board is usually divided into bright and dark tooth, with dark tooth refers to the joint board is best, because Ming tooth refers to connect plate are easy to appear after the lacquer on some uneven phenomenon, of course, the processing difficulty of dark teeth are larger. Wood harder, refers to the quality of plate, the better, because it is the deformation of sheet is much smaller than normal, and decorative pattern is more beautiful.

advantage refers to the joint board

1, refers to the plate surface is generally USES clear water paint besmear to brush, paint seal better environmental protection, basic to be able to reach environmental protection level, so use refers to connect plate production of furniture is environmental protection health

2, refers to the board currently on the market price is relatively cheap, compared with some good wood board, refers to the joint board are not much expensive.

refers to the joint board faults

1, refers to meet board furniture is not really in the traditional sense of the solid wood french country furniture, wood furniture is, so to answer the board does not have traditional durability of solid wood french country furniture.

2, refers to the plate is commonly used in forest timber, this kind of timber tree species are generally pine, cedar these not very good, and air drying process generally will not very long, the water content is relatively large, so it is easy to deformation and cracking.

3, that is commonly used in modern life means plate is divided into single layer refers to the joint board and three layer board, three layer means adopted by the joint board for resistance to deformation ability, to much better than single refers to connect plate natural, so everyone in the choice refers to remember when I answer the plate to choose three layer refers to the joint board oh, more durable.

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