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What is a good solid wood furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-17
What is a good solid wood furniture? In recent years, the real wood furniture market, red oak, ash, red cherry, a variety of materials such as Chinese catalpa wood, teak wood furniture for the average consumer is difficult to identify. In this paper, aiming at this topic make an introduction for you, so you in life have a correct understanding, follow below small make up look at together.

myth: solid wood =

of completely real wood a lot of consumers for the fault to identify real wood furniture solid wood furniture. Actually it's quite different in the middle of the process, material, real wood kind of furniture classification countries have strict standards.

country in May 2009, the implementation of the 'wood furniture general technical conditions' ( GB / T - 3324 - 2008). Will be real wood kind of furniture can be divided into completely real wood furniture, solid wood furniture and solid wood veneered furniture three categories. All solid wood furniture refers to all the parts ( The mirror plate, except the bead) Are made of solid wood lumber or real wood plank furniture; is refers to the base material made of solid wood lumber or real wood plank furniture; Solid wood veneered refers to the furniture base material made of solid wood lumber or real wood plank and stick on the surface (solid wood veneer or two sub-companies named seaport Wood veneer) The furniture.

although three belong to solid wood kind of furniture, but the only completely real wood material is the most thick, advocate material and auxiliary material are using pure real wood furniture. Consumers must first understand the concept of real wood kind of furniture, the second main ingredient, accessories for furniture material in buying one by one, ask about, legitimate business will not hide, will clearly inform consumers.

erroneous zone 2: surface uniform color = good solid wood furniture, no scar

consumer is when the real wood furniture of choose and buy is always managed to avoid uneven surface color, have the furniture of scar, don't think such furniture is good french country furniture. This is the consumer cognitive mistakes easily. ; Wang Yujuan said, wood for illumination, seasonal change and the influence of temperature, humidity, in the process of growth will appear color shades, uneven texture, will surely have a scar. ;

good solid wood furniture pays attention to environmental protection, and keep the natural wood texture, texture and color, not in the process of production with too much artificial ingredients. If there is scar furniture surface color shades, not necessarily good french country furniture. As long as the plate texture line, fine workmanship, there is no stick a skin, the phenomenon such as fraud, as is also a good furniture.

myth 3: solid wood furniture is easy craze, deformation

many plank furniture sales staff will said to the consumer, real wood furniture is easy to crack and deformation. can indeed appear heat bilges cold shrink or wet dry shrinkage, but not all of the solid wood furniture craze, deformation will occur. If solid wood furniture production process is in place, wood drying is proper, have enough seam, so will greatly reduce the risk of cracking.

when real wood furniture of choose and buy as far as possible follow the principle of nearby; 。 In local furniture manufacturing will consider the local climate, humidity and so on various factors. If the northern temperature drying, wood moisture content in 8% 12%, local enterprises in the processing of wood drying will try to follow the law, so don't make too much out of shape, craze. At the same time, buy real wood furniture choice formal, quality and reputation of the brand, so that even if there is a problem, also has a perfect after-sale service system.

how to maintain solid wood furniture?

1。 Daily maintenance can choose soft wet cloth to wipe, if there is oil pollution can moderate dipped in neutral detergent to wipe, with dry clean duster cloth.

2。 Environment is particularly dry, can use humidifier or raise flowers, green plant, etc. To increase humidity.

3。 Dedicated to furniture surface more bright, can use furniture polish evenly wipes furniture surface, and then use a clean soft cloth to polish, it also can effectively damp.

4。 Don't put furniture on or near the fire damp environment, prevent mildew furniture and degumming.

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