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What do I do buy European furniture?

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-18
In the Europe type furniture decoration, each link is to have cultured, such as the planning, such as kitchen resettlement of porch! Attention should be paid to the problem really many, Europe type furniture small make up to today and everyone together to talk about not talk about European style furniture space planning. The sitting room dining-room interval: the use of the two frequency is higher, the interval of reasonable planning can become a visual focus of the space. Sitting room, dining-room space intervals, need to pay attention to avoid using too high too easily affect vision feel depressed, try to choose quality better interval of raw materials, wooden interval is better, avoid using plastic, PVC stone etc. Bedroom interval: the integral atmosphere of the bedroom is in a state of quiet and comfortable, when choosing between key consider sound insulation effect, as far as possible on the color choose light color fastens, widen the space vision on the vision. The bedroom more choose custom furniture, screen, glass intervals between, etc.
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