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What are the cautions of interior decoration, interior decoration technique

by:HOOLNN     2021-09-02

interior decorating is a laborious thing, in addition to decorate the controling each the quality of the project, there are many small details to pay attention to, such as wooden floor does not apply to each region, balcony or kitchen ceramic tile is better, and the choice of the socket and the socket of toilet should choose moistureproof heat-resistant type, then, is like french country furniture small make up together to know about the matters needing attention and indoor decoration interior decoration technique.

a, indoor decoration note

1, can be seen everywhere in the socket. With the increasing of electronic products, in our life every space of the need to install socket, but according to different regions, the also have certain difference on socket option, kitchen outlet will need to have certain fire prevention, the function of the heat, the socket to use longer.

2, waterproof, floor drain of work to do. Indoor waterproof, also we need to focus on work floor drain, so in order not to let the bathroom metope appear moldy phenomenon, had better be in the bathroom of the waterproof layer of metope besmear to brush more than 1 m high, it can avoid the moisture corrosion of the bathroom walls. At the same time, the ground of the bathroom needs to have a certain slope, it can make the ground water more easily into the floor drain.

3, the material is different in different areas. Many people at the time of indoor decoration, ground all like to use wood or marble, so that can let a person feel the ground is very elegant and comfortable, but some area is not well suited to use wood or marble, the balcony area often need to contact with water, for example, if use wooden floor, will lead to deformation, wood floor service life shortens greatly.

4, pay attention to creating the atmosphere of the bedroom. The bedroom is the place that indoor people relax, thus creating the atmosphere of the bedroom should pay attention to when decorate. Lighting is one of the indispensable conditions for the bedroom, if bedroom space is too dark, can let a person produce depressive feeling, is not conducive to mental and physical health.

2, indoor decoration skills

1, now on the market also has a lot of fake products, so in interior decoration to buy paint we should see if it have any subsidence, agglomeration, serious statified phenomenon, or smell the smell of it have obvious stimulation, can even stir gently with a stick, look at the paint on the stick to stay long enough, cover is uniform, and so on.

2, the owner will use a variety of types such as man-made board, composite board or floor tile, because single use a kind of floor material can lead to a kind of harmful material exceeds bid. Than the wood floor although is environmental protection, according to the facts but have paint, may be the cause of benzene pollution, and compound floor contains formaldehyde, can lead to formaldehyde to exceed bid.

3, kitchen countertops use less granite, granite of radiation, compared with white, red, green, ceramic tile, radiation is bigger. So, although indoor decorate kitchen granite more resistant to dirty, but for the sake of his health, or don't use is advisable. In addition, if you are looking for natural stone, marble is also a very good choice, it not only beautiful but also to bear or endure dirty, and radiation.

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