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Want to buy real wood furniture must first accept the phenomenon

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-17

1, craze. Solid wood craze lumber itself is divided into cracking and puzzle craze. Wood is easy to crack, this is one of the characteristics of it, a temperature and humidity is not adjustable, points minutes heat bilges cold shrink and wet bilge drying shrinkage, and that is why we emphasize oakwood furniturecannot insolate: after be affected with damp be affected with damp air-dried slowly equilibrium moisture content of the problem is not big, but sun water suddenly from wood can immediately show you, cracking graffiti.

2, material deformation. Lumber is wet bilge drying shrinkage deformation is decided by its moisture content, solid wood furniture in production is completed, its modelling, material will not change again, as key factors in determining the quality of wood inner is mainly wood moisture content.

wood in certain circumstances, after long enough, its moisture content will tend to be a balance value, known as the environmental balance moisture content: when equilibrium moisture content of lumber moisture content is higher than that of environment, the wood will platoon is wet contraction, vice will hygroscopic expansion deformation.

as a result, only under the condition of equilibrium moisture content, oakwood furnitureis the most not easy cracking deformation.

3, structural cracks. Wood material uneven quality means wood wet bilge drying shrinkage is uneven, so the wood shrinkage will cause the structure cracks; While inflation will open extrusion, the component, next to the same structural deformation and cracks.

the above these problems are all solid wood furniture in use often appear problem, can consider when the choose and buy yourself accept the occurrence of these phenomena.

but himself is like solid wood furniture and don't want to face these problems? The key lies in choice and control of water content of solid wood furniture.

however, problem again, we cannot judge the actual moisture content when choosing real wood furniture, and what should I do?

1, choose the local brand. Solid wood will be like we are sick due to some changes in the weather, especially after high temperature hot and humid in summer and the alternation of summer and fall season and climate difference of north and south, will lead to rapid changes in the moisture content of solid wood furniture wood craze. And different areas, different USES, demand for lumber moisture content is also different.

2, the temperature and humidity of the indoor environment regulation. Northern dry southern moistureproof mildew proof, so the south with dehumidifier with humidifier in the north to maintain oakwood furnitureare common, but not absolute, as long as was too wet, such as the rainy season, the rainy day open DE industry dehumidifier dehumidifier, too dry, use a humidifier humidity.

3, pay attention to use the environment. Avoid bright lights direct illuminate, away from the fire source, heating, fireplace; The distance of about 20 cm away from the wall to avoid be affected with damp be affected with damp, because it's a good ventilation at the same time, can avoid the wood walls under the action of capillary moisture intrusion;

indoor humidity, so try to avoid face to face with vents; The northern dry areas can also be indoor green plant or placed in a pot of water, etc.

4, pay attention to maintenance. 1 - in a year 2 times of wood oil and maintenance, wax do not frequently, otherwise it will jam the wool stoma. Commonly used dry cotton dust removal, the effective protection of solid wood furniture, prolong service life.

5, pay attention to the brand. Reputable brand, the first is the raw material of solid wood furniture, the quality guaranteed, the second is guaranteed. Finally, real wood french country furniture craze is not what big question, because real wood furniture also can repair beauty; And crafts fair carpenter to repair the master, can will craze furniture made you look not to come out to crack.

and after all the year round, real wood furniture basically is to adapt to your environment, even if cracking deformation, after repair recovery after, in pay attention to the maintenance and use of the environment, basic won't crack deformation again.

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