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True real wood furniture custom don't think you can be true

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-11

the furniture of oakwood furniturewhich relative to the compound, there are a lot of advantages, environmental pollution-free, style atmosphere is a lot of furniture don't match. Your buy is real wood furniture? We all know that the cost of custom solid wood furniture can be really not cheap, is can't afford to average household, how much your custom solid wood furniture, you can ensure your real wood furniture is solid wood furniture?

a classification, solid wood furniture currently on the market what?

the first, log furniture,

refers to all parts of the furniture, in addition to hardware, all are made with natural lumber is made and be become. Only this can really worthy of the name 'solid wood furniture'. Most of the people's minds for imagination is perhaps the most close to the real wood furniture, however, I'm sorry, such furniture is very few, generally expensive, such as authentic annatto furniture is such more. The furniture of different wood species, of course, the price is a few times or even dozens of times.

the second, solid wood veneered furniture

furniture frame may be produced by low end of the wood or man-made plank, surface as a thin layer of high-end solid wood veneer, on the surface like a high-end solid wood furniture. General veneered furniture can from the incision, the grain of the front, scarring, defects can be judged whether.

the third, plate wood combination furniture

this kind of furniture is made by solid wood material and man-made plank. For example, a table of four tables foot is real wood material, the desktop is a man-made plank, may is refers to the joint board, particleboard, block board, or density board. The market may be the mainstream of real wood furniture.

4 kinds of furniture, solid wood refers to plate

solid wood refers to the joint board is composed of many small piece of solid wood use serrated interface, similar to two hands finger cross docking, is one of the man-made plank. Solid wood refers to connect plate prices than similar pure real wood material is much lower. Solid wood refers to the joint board, of course, also has its own advantages, because is joining together, so it is much better than pure real wood stability, better to prevent the problem of craze.

the fifth, various high low-end wood collocation

real wood kind of furniture form there are many, such as a bedside table, the framework is oak, drawer is fir, such furniture general merchants must be called oak solid wood furniture, the general consumers think oak furniture must be all material is made of oak, think that is naive.

some of the businessman will tell you what's going on in advance, some only will tell you, you ask some of you asked may not tell you the truth.

2, how to distinguish true and false, real wood furniture

1, the weight

real wood the lighter with dry weight of paulownia wood, such as pine. Other has hardwood such as mahogany, rosewood, rosewood, but either way, is lighter than artificial plank. Don't know can take wood weigh, knew real wood is very light.

2, wood grain

the decorative pattern of solid wood furniture with those produced by the human is not the same, the same position on both sides of the wood grain is uniform is one of the important methods to identify real wood. In addition, some wood and specific surface features, after all there the gap between wood and natural or artificial, compare can tell.

3, overall

furniture of real wood material to knock up will be very boring, we can tell from the sound, if it is particle board will be loud. Then the furniture of real wood is generally a whole piece together is the whole, less cutting place.

three, real wood furniture maintenance

1, dustproof maintenance

dust everywhere, before has not rooted in solid wood french country furniture surface dust, it regularly to do cleaning care! The best way is to use wet cotton twist dry hind wipe down the wood texture, water wet cotton cloth to clean the basic will not cause damage to solid wood furniture, at the same time also can achieve very good dust adsorption effect.

2, cleaning and maintenance

oakwood furnitureis used long, easy to remain a variety of stains. Oily be soiled, ink stains and the watermark is the most common stains, actually with small coup, can be clean easily. In addition to the oil, tea is an expert in clean oil, still can waste utilization, tea residue after cleaning, sprinkle with corn flour wipe again, can make furniture surface smooth and bright.

3, waxing maintenance

every 6 - 12 months, with special maintenance wax furniture put a layer of wax on solid wood furniture, keep at the same time also can protect the paint film on the surface of the luster.

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