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Traditional 'tenon riveting structure' the value of existence

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-28

( Preface] When it comes to tenon riveting structure; Contact with traditional furniture industry, I think everyone knows such a professional term. Tenon structure of riveting, as one of the essence of traditional woodworking, is the main connection mode of traditional furniture. Tenon riveting structure is used to connect two or more oakwood furniturefurniture components used in a way of concave and convex connection combination, protruding part is called the tenon ( Also known as a joint) , the concave part of riveting ( Or mortise and tenon groove, etc. ) 。 Such a connection, represents the highest level of Chinese traditional furniture. Today, I would like to bring everyone together see tenon riveting structure; Value:

1. Tenon riveting structure has a long history

tenon riveting structure is the unique production process, the Chinese nation as early as 7000 years ago in the neolithic age already exist. The traditional Chinese Ming and qing dynasties furniture can achieve a very high level, also thanks to the perfect use of tenon riveting process, is the core of Chinese style furniture tenon riveting structure; 。

2。 tenon riveting structure more robust stable

structure in reasonable use of tenon and mortise rivet rivet, on the basis of through tenon and riveting of high and low, long and short, more and less clever collocation, can effectively control the different component to their own direction, solid structure more strong; And the furniture of the traditional way of nail connection, as the iron nail rust, and wooden remains intact, it is easy to cause furniture apart.

3。 Tenon riveting structure is the important guarantee of furniture quality

nails is by squeezing or drilling force stiffly wedge into the wood, this kind of situation easily cracked, and the wood and become a piece of furniture line; While traditional tenon riveting structure can avoid this problem well, enhance and guarantee the quality of the furniture.

4。 tenon riveting structure is easier to repair

any furniture, used to a certain extent will appear a little problem, maintenance nature often faced a problem. Normally, will connect together of the two components are apart for repair, disassembly of furniture tenon riveting structure is simpler.

5。 tenon riveting structure convenient transportation

tenon furniture, riveting structure in the process of transportation by can tear open outfit, combination to reach their destination was good, very convenient to transport; And the furniture of nails structure connection, can only be part of the split type processing, but it is difficult to achieve small furniture such as chairs.

all in all, compared with the traditional furniture tenon riveting structure, has quite important meaning and existence value.

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