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Toilet decorate a design skills six skills

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-27

the bathroom is easy to ignore a lot of people in the house is decorated in the area, although it is not like sitting room and bedroom need to spend a lot of energy to the design, but a nice space that wash bath can not only make us more comfortable when washing bath, also can let us more pleasure of body and mind, so what are the toilet decorate a design technique, this paper is to introduce the below makes it nice spacious bathroom under the big six skills

the bathroom decorate design skills: make full use of three-dimensional space

because the bathroom space is usually small, but also need to put the toilet, wash gargle, shower, bath cabinet, and other items, make whole space activity area is very limited. Therefore, we can make full use of the stereo space, can be set above the toilet shelf or in the wash gargle above design store content ark, let a space appear less crowded.

the bathroom decorate design skills: in the make an issue of building materials french country furniture

if you think toilet area is relatively small, can be in building materials french country furniture, can change to choose those have receive and creative product that defend bath function, such as flush toilet is both beautiful and practical, let you the space that defend bath more beautifully.

the bathroom decorate design skills: on the partition effort

we can also design in toilet partition, the space defending bath can not only effectively dry wet depart, also can install the racks in the partition wall design to do store content wearing, very practical.

toilet decorate a design technique: the location of the floor drain carefully considered

the bathroom floor drain location is also very important and design better on one side of a floor tile, floor drain, floor drain design if the toilet in the middle, however, floor drain nor is the low of the toilet, so the floor drain design is the best in the corner, can effectively avoid the toilet water.

the bathroom decorate design skills: to design the switch socket

the bathroom when decorating a design, the best design with switch socket, had better choose with protector switch socket, it can avoid water splash onto the switch, we use more secure.

the bathroom decorate design skills: door cover and the ceramic tile to cooperate

when decorating a design, the bathroom door cover and to cooperate with ceramic tile, ceramic tile, need to consider when installing door cover if need sticks ceramic tile, mouth still don't put the door on the ground, easy to cause the door with cement, appear moldy phenomenon.

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