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To make the kitchen more practical design criteria

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-16
After defining triangle, can set out to design the location of the kitchen to put things, here are the national association of kitchen, bathroom, NKBA) For some of the most basic principles:

1. If less than 150 - square - foot, kitchen counter positive space should be at least 132 inches. If the kitchen area is larger, can save 198 inches.

2。 Prepare food place at least 36 inch counter space.

3。 Sink should leave 18 inch and 24 inch space respectively on both sides, as a counter.

4。 Stoves sides each have at least a foot counter space.

5。 On one side of the refrigerator door should leave 15 'counter space.

6。 Dishwasher and sink should be less than 3 feet apart, at least 20 inches of space leave take put the dishes.

7。 If microwave oven is not put in the oven, microwave oven should be 36 - off the ground 48 inches, which can fit the average height of housewife. The microwave oven to 24 inches of space.

8。 Adequate ventilation equipment, store content ark, There is plenty of drawers, wall ark and ground ark) Sink, stove, and other work places should have adequate light.

9。 Ensure that the drawer and cupboard door ( Various appliances also included) Plenty of open space.

10。 From water within 6 ft socket must install earth leakage circuit breakers.

11。 Should be set aside at least ten percent of the area of the kitchen about as a window or skylight.

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