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Tips to choosing annatto furniture is introduced

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-22
1 smell: close to smell furniture QiGan and taste. Is the taste of true annatto is soft, it is a very natural flavor. And the smell of fraud is not natural, vaguely there is always a flavour of the cosmetics. 2 look: refers to the color and texture of furniture. Counterfeiting technology again high, also cannot change woodiness brown eyes. Through to the wood brown eyes look carefully, it is easy to distinguish true and false mahogany. But it is not only a science, but also a kind of experience, buyers need to repeatedly see true annatto furniture, make true annatto furniture, the color and texture of embedded mind can only through careful observation to identify true and false mahogany material. 3 see: refers to see label material, ask operator for the guarantee of product quality 'and the invoice, and ask the operator specified on the issue of invoices purchased annatto furniture material and guarantee, and is written clear complete annatto furniture or secondary parts such as mahogany, prevent cheated. 4 type: listen to the sound and the echo is tapping furniture. This is not a technique, it is a feeling, if you don't have that feeling now, often use finger knuckles gently knock, meditation to listen to the voice of the every kind of beauty, in the long run there must be a harvest.
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