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These kinds of quilts you have used? These techniques of choose and buy you all know the quilt?

by:HOOLNN     2021-09-01

' You are like me in the quilt of comfortable & hellip; … ” When small make up to hear the words of the lyrics is like to cover with quilt sleep! Soft quilt brings us a comfortable at the same time, also brought warmth. When you feel tired, cover the quilt is a good sleep is a beautiful thing!

but the quilt the types and characteristics of you understand? The french country furniture small make up take you to get to know.

1。 Cotton is

this kind of quilt is the most popular in our daily life, can know by the name of the cotton is made from cotton filled. Fluffy and very warm, loved by the old man's, affordable, is can be accepted by most of the family, play a dozen jins quilt bed only one hundred yuan.

but cotton is now in a big city is more and more rare, but cotton in the rural areas is still very popular.

choose skills:

at the time of purchase to smell the smell of cotton, cotton taste good and pure and fresh and pure, the bad smell of cotton will have a dirty oil smell, we still need to pay attention to.

another way is to use lighter to burn, the smell good cotton during combustion is similar, and the smell of burning hair and does not form a ball, but turned into ash.

2。 Duvet

duvet is most lightsome quilts, duvets padding is primarily a goose down and duck down. And down jacket on the properties are the same. Domestic is generally 80% 90% of white duck down or grey duck down.

duvet warmth retention property is very good, but also has the following characteristics: hygroscopicity, perspire all over. But also because it is light, soft, soft features, particularly suitable for people with poor circulation, use of patients with high blood vessels, such as heart disease.

choose skills:

the duvet tile, with his hand on the quilt, and then release, if the quilt can rapid restorable, is a good duvet.

also note that the material of it, with the hand to touch touch to fleeciness softness, smell also cannot smell.

to be on the high side because of the price of duvets, general price for the hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan, if the price is low the duvets, low is likely to be false or inferior products.

3。 Silk by

some more expensive than duvets. Do stuffing with mulberry silk, pure natural, without any pesticide chemicals, so called the most & other; Green & throughout; The quilt.

in the silk is rich in animal protein fiber, more than ten kinds of amino acids, use rise is beneficial to human body.

choose skills:

see label inside filler composition, durability, etc. ; Silk is milky white, will you push hard on the fluffy pop; Best buy can be opened, check the tires have adulterated; Pulled out from the womb, some silk light white smoke coke, after burning can be molded into one of the best at the end of the; Usually cost less than 100 yuan/jin of the possibility of false is very big.

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