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The world; Five line lack of wood

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-08
Babylon and Egypt had the water as the main component of the world, then add air and soil, to the ancient greeks, reasonable ground to say: constitute the four elements of the world is the earth, wind, water, fire. Anyway, what is not wood. Only we firmly asserted that China's old ancestors: gold, wood, water, fire, earth, be short of one cannot.

but, look at today's age, look at the side of life, but only to find the world five line lack of wood; — — Look at those because of a little scratches on the street every day swearing driver gentlemen, knew they fire; Gas multiple; Look at various tabloids rambled, just know whether should have is the public opinion of benchmarking times watered; How much; Ask the girls around him mating standard of real estate property, we know that we have a dream that how gold; Brigitte glory; Visit the shop, see all kinds of counterfeit brand, high imitation of A cargo, we know that we called fashion is how soil; Full & hellip; …

why, can't learn the nature of plain wood, wood, wood firm?

all workers face, art is art teacher. ; This is old around ruban temple in common a pair of couplets. Three hundred and sixty lines since ancient times, skillful craftsman emerge in endlessly, why it happened is the carpenter father of ruban became the father of the workers, the art of the teacher? There is a reason to ignore & ndash; — The Chinese ancient times ShangMu; 。

let intending, tried, want to rich people go to learn boxwood & ndash; — It was born in the mountain cliffs above, long in the mist, dripping dew, for nutrients, absorb the essence of heaven and earth, growth is very slow, there are one thousand one inch long; Say, says the king of wood; 。 And now all kinds of fast-growing; The materials, in various crash; Compared to things, it will give the latter were put to shame. It is the calm, dedicated, tenacious, make it high, haughty, elegant, has the reason.

let those filled with resentment, secretly sigh he is not rich the second generation, the officer the second generation of young people learn common jujube & ndash; — Although it is grass-roots origin, but I do not change hale and hearty character. Known as the hard and dense, a frame pale branches; Said. GangFeng fail, thunder also fear. The body is not bad, will not move. The ancients often to date wood engraving print books, but also to common jujube FanKe stele, value is the firm character. Rank cannot confuse; , nothing is better than common jujube. Compared with common jujube, reflect on their life, a lot of people live too thin?

let those who profess prick silk; And trashing yourself young people learn green wingceltis & ndash; — It comes from the primeval forest, growth in the wilderness, partial have elegant and noble character & ndash; — Hard wear-resisting, the poison not invade, erosion of immortality. More distant and not pungent, persistent but not fierce dry; The fragrance, can make the person calmly, fixed rate was lost. From the tropical rain forest, have so good characters, and whether such as the mean; Still do not change the clarks YanHui general, warm and peaceful, like a man. Such wood, if we can set a good example for the world all people?

let the frustration in the face of a setback frustrated and desperate in the presence of inequality and power people learn dark wood & ndash; — The one hundreds of thousands of years ago, buried under mud, oxygen pressure in a state of despair waiting, let bacteria erosion, natural carbonized, until one day, been discovered by accident, has been under the power of nature based regeneration & ndash; — Appearance no primary new bursts of bright, only through the JieBo piao zhuo beauty, and from now on will never fade, never rot, insect & hellip; … Ask, human and how many heroes to withstand such a blow to the test, achievement such unusual self? Treasure box, ebony than half side; , such a precious, don't come easy!

basic water and fire. Five lines of raft in second place. After has long been regarded as treasures of gold; 。 Why is that? Because of the wood; Worthy of respect & ndash; — Willow lingering, conifers and spotless, the eyes of the Chinese wood never just wood, but the style and temperament. Even one thousand years later, the wood is still worthy of our learning. In The Times of five line lack of wood, should we do more to wood, the wood; And become a better person and enjoy a better life.

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