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The whole wood home furniture maintenance skills turned out to be so

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-20

so how to use the entire domestic outfit product? How to maintain the whole wooden decoration products? The whole wooden decoration products, after all, is a natural material, as a result, even the most leisure lifestyle, they also need a lot of protective measures, in order to prolong the beauty of real wood products. Below small make up the most convenient maintenance measures were recommended for everybody. See together!

the whole wood home furniture maintenance tips:

1, the use of solid wood chair, please don't lean back seat, and avoid the chair of the transverse connection rod and the base as a foot of the table.

2, don't stand in soft package, chair seat surface for long periods of time by high pressure lose elasticity will make the chair seat surface.

3, the equipment of high temperature to avoid directly on the surface of furniture. If you have accidentally burnt, consult expert furniture repair.

4, please use a plastic mat to protect real wood desk.

5, to avoid damage to the furniture, please use natural fabrics made of decorative cloth or small pads, separated with lamps and accessories direct contact with the desktop. If you desk writing and use a ball-point pen, so the paper pad must be under the protection plate, under hot and cold drink cup serving use cup mat.

6, in work, when to use glue, mark pen, color pen or pollution or damage to the french country furniture items, should be careful to protect furniture panels. In addition, scented items direct contact with the surface of the furniture, also can damage the furniture surface coating.

7, you need to move objects on entire surface decoration product, please send items away from the surface, do not drag directly, in order to avoid excessive scratches. Note: somewhere in inferior smooth coating on the surface of furniture if friction is too many, here will become shining. When used correctly, the inferior smooth furniture with the passage of time will gradually brighter, it's not as quality defects.

8, avoid using the plastic and rubber, avoid using plastic in furniture surface mat or cloth, because the chemicals in the plastic coating on the surface of the furniture would be destroyed.

9, put the computer equipment, alarm clocks, lamps, telephone and other items on the table, please stick flannelette in their bottom, because their material in plastic, rubber, nylon and other chemicals can penetrate coating on the surface of the furniture and soften them, resulting in the depression on the surface of the furniture and fade, if do not take protective measures, long-term in plastic toys will damage the coating on the surface of the furniture, if the furniture has been damaged, please turn to furniture repair experts.

10, to furniture to breathe freely. Entire domestic outfit product excellent furniture coatings will not block the opportunity of furniture is exposed to air, furniture need to breathe to ensure furniture beautiful and durability, therefore, furniture often placed in the air, don't cover for a long time.

11, recommended the following protective measures: regular change computer equipment, audio equipment, alarm clock, the location of the stapler; Can change place adorn article position for a long time, they can put on your desk, bookcase, bedside table, rich ancient frame, won't produce aesthetic fatigue; Under the act the role ofing is tasted must stick on velvet cushion; Wool mat can also use under the up and down the ark of the tank top.

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