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The Wang Bai oak furniture of real wood furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-03
Wang Bai oak french country furniture of real wood furniture

name, white oak, white German oak Quercus alba L

brand name: white oak, white oak

commonly known as: white oak, oak

white oak and oak, white oak are found in many areas, the eastern areas of the United States, Russia, Germany and the Mediterranean region, and so on. Because the United States has a forest of fairly perfect management mechanism, white oak reserves increase every year, is currently the world's most main white oak supply base, produced a large number of American white oak.

for white oak wood grain and pith rays is very beautiful, white oak do varnish treatment is more suitable than red oak, oak wood heartwood of corrosion resistance and strong ability to resist diseases and pests, so rarely see the white oak material decay and insect hole.

American white oak, white oak of living fossils. Began 60 million years ago in the Appalachian mountains, old can reach more than 1000, is the oldest one of the tallest trees in the forest, the crown and magnificent, majestic, from a distance, like a towering giant on the horizon, the indigenous peoples of the region regarded as the king of the forest; 。 Legend she later guardian is the statue of liberty in the Appalachian highland forest, stands a towering white oak tree has a divine power, the rustle of leaves is the statue of liberty for people in the United States xiao yu, a symbol of liberty enlightening the world, her god let people live performance, make it has a tree of life; The reputation.

American white oak also known as the emperor of white oak; , it is a kind of rich move feeling of natural wood, wood is hard and heavy, light brown, pith ray is very beautiful, and delicate texture, ruggedly contain passion, like a symphony, precipitation in the passing years. Time value, leading figure is everywhere, from the top wine oak barrels to medieval European antique french country furniture, imperial throne to Russian famous the floor of the east and the Summer Palace, is the most widely used noble timber.

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