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The use of everyday items clean furniture tips

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-03
There are a few small things in daily life, also can to do hairdressing furniture, only need a little time, can make furniture with new, practical and convenient. • White vinegar maintenance except with furniture wax on the surface of the wood furniture, also can use white vinegar. Mixes white vinegar and hot water is 1:1, with dishcloth wet dry after hard wipe the surface of wooden furniture, can let the wood furniture surface gloss, also can remove ink traces on the surface of the furniture. • Strong strong tea refreshing, but also to cleaning. Grab a big put the tea into a tea bag, bubble out thick tea, repeatedly with a soft cloth dipped in tea soup to wipe furniture, can let faded furniture restore luster. Just a good hot tea also can remove the oil on the surface of the furniture, be careful hot oh. • Overdue milk expired milk not only into a home to return to the sewer. With a clean cloth on the overdue milk soaked, twist dry, wipe the wood furniture can achieve very good decontamination effect of descaling, oh. But after a brush with milk remember with another after water towel to wipe, lest leave milk smell on furniture. • Toothpaste, egg yolk, white furniture to buy very good when I come back, but using a long time, otherwise bye bye began yellow paint. After the two egg yolk mixture. Light touch to the yellow part with the brush brush, or use dishcloth with no white toothpaste, wipe back and forth, the yellow position can effectively solve the problem of yellow white furniture. • The combination of iodine, iodine vaseline vaseline sounds is dealing with the human body burns, actually also apply furniture very hot mark. Wood furniture surface to put hot after regret will stay hot white mark, with a little iodine wiped repeatedly on very hot mark can be removed very hot mark, or coated with a layer of vaseline, wipe again two days very hot mark, can get very hot mark.
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