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The unique fragrance of wood

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-31
Approached some furniture, you will smell the fragrance of variety. The fragrance is not artificial, but natural generated wood. What on earth can fulfilling the wood?

a, pine, fir,

& emsp;   Past pine timber are low-grade interior and in people's heart, and now the farmers adornment, made from pine wood plank closet door, dado, walls, ceiling, real wood door, nanchang become fashionable. Pine rosin; Qi reminiscent of northeast forest beauty and pure and fresh. In addition, the high grade furniture made of fir is sending a very seductive charm in light faint scent.

2, sweet wooden race; A winner: rosewood

& emsp;   Rosewood, mahogany; Plays an important role. Its noble, besides woodiness is hard, beautiful wood grain, timber is slow, the other main characteristic is to long sends out a beautiful combination of qi. Three, cedar,

& emsp;   And with aromas of cedar, one thousand, is in the past couple of years to get the attention of people, it naturally red and white wood, vigorous and curl modelling veins as the basic characteristics, and with rich chypre brings namsoon thick forest. Four, the Netherlands

& emsp of cedar.   In the past two years the import of foreign HuaMuZhong, there is a named cedar in the Netherlands; Green potted, special guide people love. This more than a foot high noble green plants can send out a special aroma, this type in foliage plants; It is rare. Put a bowl at indoor, can see the green leaves, miniature forest, can smell the scent of flowers all the year round again, really wonderful.

5, clove wood

& emsp;   It is well known that, the lilacs are in its aroma can leave hundreds of meters. And the lilac wood solid sense of wood, wood is beautiful, not only can send out a good smell. Such as made of clove wooden craft lamp, under the baking of the light bulb, and its rich aroma, give a person with dual aesthetic feeling of vision, smell. Six, camphorwood

& emsp;   At present, in some of the french country furniture store, camphorwood furniture ( Local) In short supply, the purchaser said: buy camphorwood french country furniture, insect-resistant is a purpose, a major because of being moved by its tangy natural aroma; 。

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