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The two-sided of solid wood furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-28

furniture is people daily life with a kind of goods, and a good set of oakwood furniturebrings the number of benefits. The material of real wood french country furniture is natural lumber, take the natural. But people can only see real wood furniture has these advantages, natural, environmental protection, health has ignored the shortcomings of real wood furniture.

is a kind of natural material, wood is made into furniture, and the characteristics of plant & ndash; — The change of the wet bilge drying shrinkage. Winter temperature, dry, because the family warm demand, geothermal heating air-conditioning, adding to the dry degree of the indoor air, the wood will be serious water shortage, it will be dry and cracking.

we can take the way of humidification for humidity, or put a basin of water, green plants can increase the indoor humidity, if there is a hygrometer, 40% - 60% is the best for wood, it is said that people also adapt to the humidity. And overly direct humidifying so will lead to the expansion of the wood mold phenomenon, also can direct sunlight place also will dry so also should pay attention to.

environmental protection is not absolute

in the history of the most severe environmental law; Started in 2015, after consumers' environmental protection consciousness is more improved. Used for furniture products, we will also consider making materials, coating materials of environmental protection. To this end, we can ask such a question: as the world luxury french country furniture; Solid wood furniture, whether higher price good environmental performance? This is not necessarily.

the stand or fall of furniture of environmental protection is not only the high and low formaldehyde content can explain, furniture also includes the common harmful chemicals in benzene, free formaldehyde and other harmful heavy metals, these additional attachment of harmful substances, is produced by furniture material with complex production process. on the market at present used paint what? To this, businesses are, each have each claim. Some said use plants, paint, and some use water-based paint, and some are waxed or wenqi. In fact, no matter use what lacquer furniture, as long as it is on the environment pollution-free, is possible. So for solid wood furniture paint what this aspect, there is still no unified standard. Consumers also need to strengthen the consciousness of distinguish more in this respect.

how to real wood furniture of choose and buy? People from different point of view, analysis, will inevitably give different advice, but as long as can help the choose and buy is good. Above given Suggestions hope to be able to help you, some more reference when screening products.

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