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The ten skills of choose and buy of solid wood furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-11

solid wood furniture look gorgeous, exquisite carving, pure and fresh and natural texture, and the furniture price is usually higher than that of other materials. But it is not made of solid wood furniture must be good quality, when real wood furniture of choose and buy, many aspects need to pay attention to the problem, summarize down ten need to pay attention to the problem. In addition, the service life of oakwood furnitureand maintenance is very important, if you don't pay attention to daily use in the process of maintenance, so when the choose and buy again seriously also is in vain. Today, small make up is sorting out the ten skills of choose and buy of solid wood furniture and need to be aware of ten major maintenance method.

1。 Whether the furniture really made for solid wood.

to judge whether a mystery is: solid wood furniture wood grain and scar. As a cupboard door, appearance looks is a kind of decorative pattern, then change the position of the corresponding with the decorative pattern, see the corresponding decorative pattern on the back of the cupboard, if good to deserve it is pure solid wood cabinet. In addition to see scar knot also is the good method of identification of pure wood: scars on one side of the location, on the other side to find whether there is a corresponding pattern again.

2。 Determine what is real wood of species.

this is a direct impact on price and quality. Ordinary solid wood furniture used beech, white oak, manchurian ash, elm, Chinese catalpa wood, rubber wood, oak wood, and valuable annatto furniture mainly adopts rosewood, chicken wing wood, rosewood. in a cluttered market, often appear shoddy, confused things of tree species, it is better to buy brand products, at the same time should pay attention to, now increasingly rise in the price of the wood, too cheap absolutely fair.

3。 Observe wood quality.

open cupboard door, drawer furniture, observe whether the wooden is dry, white, quality of a material is close, fine. If you have add particieboard, density board and a molding board materials such as furniture, to open cupboard door or drawer, smell whether stimulating odour.

4。 Observation woodiness with and without defects.

furniture is the main mechanical parts such as column, the connection between the post bearing bar close to the ground, should not have big knot or crack, crack. Firm structure, framework must not loose, not allowed to break tenon, broken material. Adopted by man-made board french country furniture parts should be the sealing side processing, all kinds of accessories installation shall not be less a leak, nails, nail.

5。 Observe the plate strength.

panel emphasized finger are available, and to feel the pan fastness. A glyph skeleton to fixed materials shall be well, if the skeleton thinning, a press surface will feel nothing false, panel vibrate a lot; Drawer bottom application of hand pressure, try to strength, general clapboard bottom multi-purpose layer board, large area of the diaphragm should choose five layer board production. The cupboard door and drawer switch to be flexible. Panel with two sub-companies named seaport and other materials surface, with complete sets of products should be similar color, product surface wrinkled skin, sticky and drip paint film is not allowed.

6。 Check the stability and security.

watch for the drawer or frame tilt, presence of tenons eye a crooked or eye hole is too large and tenons is lax to low level of technology such as skewed. Wooden furniture to have security and stability, when the two cupboard door open after 90 degrees, with the hand gently pull forward, cabinet put oneself in another's position does not automatically forward. Bookcase door glass should be handled by the edge grinding; After the pier glass and a dresser to install back, layering should be fixed the glass surface. of individual parts ( Such as legs, drawer, cupboard door, or stent, etc. ) Supporting force must be enough. You should jog the Angle or sitting on the side of furniture, try the furniture is solid.

7。 Check the interface.

should choose and use dovetail mortise joint or butterfly joint. The heavier french country furniture should add protection at Angle with screw, and glue. As for the back part, also must check whether the set is good, and good screw.

8。 Check the drawer slide and latch.

drawer should be solid and firm, internally to tighten the screws. Might as well open a drawer, active desktop, cupboard, etc, each part to ensure can use freely, and properly connected.

9。 Check the surface.

will hand on the surface of the furniture, carefully check whether the polished surface is smooth, especially to avoid whether in areas such as the leg is coarse, paint besmear to brush streaks, Angle of paint is too thick, if there is a crack or bubble.

10。 His furniture is upside down.

chair and cushion the furniture upside down, to see how they are made of. As for the table, from the bottom of the check. See if joint consolidated with screws and wedge? Bar and meet closely with rail clasp? Seams have excess glue and packing.

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