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The study decorates a design problem that nots allow to ignore

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-18
As life grade rise, the study as a place of books and provide learning work, has become is a important part of many families in the bedroom, more and more people begin to pay much attention to the study of decoration.

, like other bedroom space, the study style is varied, it is difficult to use a unified model to generalize. But in the final analysis, the adornment style of the study should be prominent personality, reflect master quality accomplishment, hobby, interest, etc. , should be based on the nature of work, habits, hobbies and professional characteristics to layout.

1, type: there are different types of study, such as closed, open and both. Enclosed, the study refers to the space, independent complete interference by other room is small, high efficiency, suitable for collection and working people use; Open type study, refers to a certain degree of separation with other room, but basic partition for the bookshelf, accessories such as screen, this kind of study have very good adornment effect, can not only will the room to break up, also can increase the active atmosphere, but are vulnerable to the interference of other room; Both type study, it is to point to by room or living area and other factors, can't have a separate study, can only be made up of a bedroom suites, or one end of the bedroom design into the study, this kind of study need to partition with the bedroom, to avoid interference.

( The integral bookcase) _ study

2, style: the style of the study can be divided into free style, traditional Chinese style style, modern style, European style, etc.

( 1) Free style: refers to match the overall environment and living habits, french country furniture is given priority to with streamline line, more can enhance the smooth feeling of the space, the color is mostly the same color, only through the depth of the minimal changes to the style of whole room.

( 2) Chinese traditional style: general requirement is simple, elegant, embodied in the traditional sense of the study; Flavor, usually by the design of furniture, such as the Chinese style french country furniture lines founder, Chinese style bookcase, tea table, screen, and then to adorn the Chinese calligraphy and painting, antiques, etc.

( 3) Modern style: stress is concise, lively, to plane composition, color composition, three-dimensional construction as the foundation, indoor usually use the same color, furniture modelling also is given priority to with large surface or chunk face combination, full time, easy to give a person with perfect, rich sense of space.

( 4) European style: usually refers to the french country furniture with Europe type style, sometimes from the bookcase and workbench on the line, line only reflect a certain degree of European taste; , more hanging on metope, the western oil painting, watercolor painting, etc, in order to enhance amorous feelings.

3, colour: the study is the place of use for long, should avoid to be stimulated strongly, generally is multi-purpose and bright do not have color or neuter color, help people stable mood, blood flow, concentration of thinking. The study of the ground color should be darker, dealing with the ceiling should also take into account the indoor illumination, and it should use white metope, glance through such walls can be bright, increase indoor brightness.

4, the light: taller to the requirement of natural lighting, the study should be design as far as possible in good lighting and toward the study room and the placement of the desk also need to be determined by the position of the window, fully considering the Angle of the light, we should try to be both daylighting is good, and to avoid direct light glare. If used in the study of artificial lighting, should grasp the principle of bright, uniform and soft. Can be installed in a study of the central milky cover incandescent lamp as the main body of the lighting, the best around 60 watts, too dark beneath eye health, too bright dazzling. In setting a lamp on the desk the desk lamp of adjustable brightness as local lighting, in order to read or write.

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