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The study decorates a design considerations

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-08

the location choice of the study:

Settings should consider the study orientation, lighting, landscaping, privacy and so on many requirements, thus in toward more in daylighting plenty of south and southeast to the study or to the southwest, avoid is toward the north, so the indoor light is good, can alleviate visual fatigue.

because people need a quiet environment when writing reading, therefore, the study on the position in the bedroom, should pay attention to the following points: the appropriate activity of deviation, such as living room, dining room, to avoid interference. Away from the household chores such as kitchen, storage room occupancy, in order to keep clean; And children bedroom also should maintain a certain pace, in order to avoid the impact of the noisy children. The study often in the position of the master bedroom relatively close, even individual cases can be connected both in the form of a suite.

the study of color adornment:

in colour respect, the color of study environment and french country furniture color tended to use cool color to move, this will help the person mood calm, smooth qi and blood. Because the study is a place for long time use, should avoid to be stimulated strongly, appropriate is multi-purpose and bright do not have color or ash is brown wait for neuter color. The color of furniture and adorn article, can use the same color with the color of wall, in which some harmonious colour ornament, such as arts and crafts in bookcase, adornment picture on the wall, When buying adornment, should pay attention to its is use for the ornament, on colour wants to be coordinated with the overall layout on a start) 。

normally, the ground color is deeper, so, carpet also should choose a few brightness the colour with low and high saturation. The processing of smallpox should consider indoor illumination, general and commonly used white, so that make the walls bright through glancing. Metope tonal should choose elegance, bright and clean, soft, light color, such as dark blue, shallow cream-colored, reseda.

the furniture of the study is decorated:

the french country furniture of the study besides have the bookcase, desk, chair, with the function of a visitor study also can match sofa, tea table, etc. Bookcase for easy access should be near the desk, bookcase can set aside some space to rotate some arts and crafts to the active study atmosphere, the desk should be placed on the window or the window on the right side, study, work to guarantee enough light, and can avoid shading on the surface of the table. Desk lamp should be flexible, adjustable, in order to ensure that the Angle of the light, brightness, also can decorate appropriately some miniascape, calligraphy and painting in order to reflect the cultural atmosphere of study. Bookcase and secretary can equal display, also can be placed vertically, or connected to the ends of the bookcase, central, form a region of reading and writing. The study of lesser area, in order to rectify group bookcase along the wall as the background, deserve to go up in front chic desk; Larger area of study, the bookcase can change with on any account serves as a study of the protagonist.

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desk should not be centered put:

desk cannot be placed in the center of the room, because it is all around the pattern of the insecurity, whether in the spiritual, academic, career, belong to the unfavorable situation, should be avoided. Desk is put in sunny but by the best don't get up the window, the general should be at right angles to the window, the natural light Angle is more appropriate.

desk should not be opposite the door:

the direction of the desk to the door, but in the position to avoid door, relative with the door, otherwise not only unable to concentrate, but also will bring loss to enterprise.

desk should not appear above the three conditions:

1, and not a beam: must not on the beam under the desk, otherwise, will make people sit in front of the desk there is a kind of oppressive feeling, the mood is not happy, is unfavorable to the study.

2, should not be a droplight, desk can't is put on the roof of the street lamp, lamplight point-blank head, can make the person spirit is nervous, thinking is not easy to focus.

3, unfavorable appear round or triangular pattern: is on the top of the head of circular design easy to stir; Triangular pattern with ShaQi is, if you are on the top of the head, would slow thinking, memory loss.

bookcase is unfavorable and exorbitant too:

note cannot choose too large bookcase in the study. Too high a bookcase can affect health, leading to weak. In addition, if the bookcase is too high, is easy to form a pattern of oppression desk, make the person heart wrong, distracted.

bookcase generally can't rotate in the place where the sun rises, don't act bookcase is negative, but also not conducive to the collection of acetic acid and kept at the same time. Bookcase is best placed on the desk of the wall of the left side, and in the right place guest chair, desk that is beneficial to dialogue with the guest. In addition, in order to make the bookcase breathe freely; , bookcase also avoid is stuffed with books, books should have a certain gap between, such ability to save books, facilitate readers read.

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study appropriate decoration types of plants:

1, wang zhen qi are really me. School year, green and leafy stem thick, easy to live, always look vibrant, momentum magnificent, they can regulate atmosphere, enhanced environmental aura effect, make indoor healthy and peaceful. Such as the big leaf evergreen, Brazilian wood, bamboo, riches and honour, broadleaf rubber tree.

2, absorb the plants. With gas plants are about the same, they are also evergreen plants, the biggest feature is can slowly to absorb harmful gas in the field of the environment. Mountain camellia, XiaoGuiHua, crape myrtle flower, pomegranate, crassipes, lobular boxwood, such as

3, ornamental plants. Can increase indoor angry, can choose according to individual be fond of.

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