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The source of the Europe type furniture: furniture of Europe type style

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-10
You must have the same problem, that is why for furniture, and so many different kinds of furniture of Europe type style? Today's Europe type furniture small make up for this problem is to do the answer to you. Rococo furniture rococo presented rise first from Louis xiv's death, when he died, the political atmosphere has become easier, people are no longer loyal, but the pursuit of free life, and free lines express the mood of the pursuit of freedom. Noble mansion not so-called ostentation and extravagance and budget, are concerned about the convenience and comfort, and a kind of sweet atmosphere. 2 it is to reflect the Paris, France, a class of Louis xiv's extremely pompous and militant style despised, 3 it is under the new dynasty women's rights in the form of high, cater to the be fond of of upper class women. Neoclassical furniture neoclassical furniture new human nature is the source of classical Roman art, Italy Renaissance art represented by poussin and 17th century classicism. These art reflects a kind of quiet, elegant and rational spirit. Neoclassicism is age of republic and fight for the motherland the embodiment of the fashion and aesthetic tendency, at the same time it has close connection with classical. Neoclassical furniture can say is the most outstanding in the European classical furniture furniture art, is absorbed and applied in the history of classical culture, the model of the past. Baroque furniture in the 17th century French and British capitalism progresses day by day, the natural sciences, has the new rising materialism philosophy, while Spain formed a reactionary feudal fort, trying to incite faith during the middle ages, kill the new culture. The progress and reactionary struggle is in Europe, is a representative of the emerging bourgeoisie only rational main righteousness of artistic style, was born in France, flow to the Netherlands and the protestant countries such as Britain; Another is the baroque art, was born in Rome, to Spain, and Germany. Two trends - the struggle, mutual penetration in the struggle, reactionary forces finally failed. Ok that is Europe type furniture small make up for everybody introduction, about the introduction of the origin of Europe type furniture, hope can bring you help.
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