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The role of indoor lighting

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-15
Indoor lighting can provide adequate light not only, still have the following functions:

1. Organize space

in a large space, using different lamps and lanterns, lighting in different ways to illuminate, can form the relatively independent of different areas. Some relatively clear area, line is clear, can form a virtual space.

2。 Improve space effect

type lamps and lanterns, lighting, light intensity, light color, obviously affect indoor space effect. In general, when the direct lighting, the light is bright, easy to make the space appears bright, compact, and using light through the indirect lighting reflected the ceiling or wall, it is easy to make the space appears open. Warm color is light, can make the bedroom has a warm feeling, also is kind, close, light cool color, make the bedroom has a cool feeling, and seem to be apart, backward, absorb dome light and inlay lamp, can make the space appears some high, and droplight, especially the size larger droplight, can make the space appears lower. A variety of lamps and lanterns, different ways of lighting used at the same time, can make the space appears rich, lively, and the top of the large lighting can make whole space is black and white.

3。 Beautify the environment, apply colours to a drawing atmosphere

lamps and lanterns and light shape, use them to apply colours to a drawing the atmosphere of the bedroom environment, can obtain significant effect. YiZhanZhan soft bed will make the bedroom appears is sweet and halcyon, YiZhanZhan canister light will make the communication atmosphere of family bar appears a cordial and harmonious. , rich colors and elegant design of lamps and lanterns, is pieces of art in itself. They do as much light and shadow on the ceiling, metope also adds mystery to bedroom environment, wonderful charm.

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