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The right way to maintenance of Europe type furniture

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-16
Europe type furniture gives a person a kind of noble gorgeous, has a strong artistic breath. And, in fact, Europe type furniture is really so, Europe type furniture on the market price is relatively expensive. Then, from the price, we must be careful to maintain european-style furniture, ensure furniture surface if brightness is new for a long time, in order to show its unique value. So, maintenance of Europe type furniture the correct way to what? Europe type furniture to be ventilated dry wooden Europe type furniture should not be in a very humid place. Because wood in wet swells and wood in the damp environment for a long time also easy to decay. Under normal circumstances, also note that European furniture once every quarter to wax, Europe type furniture looks more light, it will make the main wax is Europe type furniture surface will not easily after vacuuming, cleaning and more easy. Sun usually try to avoid European furniture, furniture is taboo exposure in the sun. Everyone to remember is, therefore, for the maintenance of Europe type furniture, try to avoid its exposure to the sun for a long time. In place of Europe type furniture as far as possible not to put Europe type furniture must pay attention to near the window, also cannot pass cold or heat, more organic items can not be solution on the surface, this will affect the service life of furniture. To remove dust regularly Europe type furniture has hardware ornament, only use cloth to wipe gently, bear in mind that do not use detergent containing chemical substances to cleaning, acid liquid, in particular, it makes hardware accessories oxidation, there will be a rub off. If it was very difficult to remove the surface of the gold plated black spots, can use kerosene after wiping, then clean with clear water. But it is important to note that because the dust will be the friction surface of the solid wood furniture, what material so both belong to the Europe type furniture, often dust removal. Europe type furniture remove dust remove dust trilogy european-style furniture, you should know the three steps: first, suggested that it is best to use clean soft cotton cloth, don't be a sponge or wipe furniture tableware cleaning products. Second is that in order to avoid scratch also helps reduce electrostatic adsorption of dust, choose cotton cannot too moist, moderate. Finally, if have decorations on furniture should be removed, but avoid scratch furniture to ensure that the light with light, cause irreparable situation. The maintenance of a furniture is a long process. It is also a general for Europe type furniture. To long stick to it, can't say the maintenance of the next time won't do it, it is need long time to maintain, accumulated bit by bit. As long as you stick with the above three methods curing european-style furniture, will keep your European furniture always shine!
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