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The restaurant's interior style

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-14
Advanced dining-room, the interior space is not only by use of high-grade decorative materials and high-grade furniture, the main is to rely on to form the elegant style of indoor style.

indoor style, is through the creation idea and performance have been give different ethos and regional characteristics, the trend and characteristics on the basis of the development gradually, gradually form a representative interior design form. Therefore, each kind of typical indoor style formation, and the local time of natural conditions and cultural conditions. Especially with ethnic characteristics, way of life, social system, customs, religious beliefs and cultural ideological trend, and the relationship between climate factors such as products more closely. With the development of transportation, the communication of culture, the mutual influence of different civilization, in turn has prompted some to finalize the design style produce considerable changes, sometimes further evolved into another kind of new style.

production of modern style is gradually formed at the turn of the century, as a result of traffic development and cultural exchanges, regional difference has been reduced to the minimum, even to the point of disappearing. Although founded in the western modern style, but is common accepted by the whole world, when someone says, this is a kind of international style of making names conform to actuality; 。 Insight in the early 60 s, however, is put forward against the modern style, don't think this kind of unified international style is the ideal form of all human life, and promote to the traditional architecture to find context; , is in a rich local characteristics and cultural traditions, with distinct era consciousness style again at the same time, this kind of style is known as post modern style; 。

the evolution of human civilization is like a ladder above a layer of a layer, but this evolution is a sprawling continuous development. Any breed and grow of a new culture, some of which are the elements of ancient civilizations inspired, all originated from the influence of the old traditions. Now architecture, fine arts, the roots of heat, like residential heat and folk art study hot, is a reflection of this phenomenon. If

restaurant designers can know the main traditional style evolution process, and can be familiar with the basic characteristics of several kinds of style, is bound to help strengthen the restaurant design foundation, can extrapolate, create more outstanding works.

diet is a kind of culture, let's not go to the analysis of cooking a variety of genres, just for the restaurant's interior space design, the importance of the traditional style is greater than the general interior design, so to speak. Let's go to the office buildings around the world, the vast majority of simplicity of modern style, in this way, can subtly spur staff work efficiency, and give the visitors suggested that their way of thinking is the latest level, the ability to work is leading. The restaurant is different, the culture atmosphere of dining-room very demanding, if in a western style restaurant to go into the Chinese food, do not need verbosity, you will feel the taste of Chinese food is not authentic.

therefore, we must identify and traditional style for the restaurant design is a kind of precious resources. At the same time we also clearly aware that many of the traditional style in the practice and modern life. For example, we pursue the tang dynasty style, but can't let customer cross legs while sitting on the mat, with a small table for dinner; We imitate the clear pattern furniture, also can't reach to let customers take the foot, sit face and back of a chair, armrest is right straight edge, luo gadites mixed hardwood french country furniture body uncomfortable. So, in many cases, we can absorb the traditional style of historical spirit or regional characteristics, and use the patterns; , some symbols; And some hidden order; Again, the traditional style in accordance with the requirements of modern creation, to shape the different indoor and character, create a update indoor style.

history evolution of more and more rapidly, emphasize the modern style of industrialization, in a moment will be evolved into the traditional style, and modern, solution board eventually be replaced by the new style. But, as long as we are from the tradition of innovation, or even through the blow away the cobwebs and modernization, the ultimate goal is the motivation of civilized life changing. As long as it's not born spell YingCou do STH unconventional or unorthodox, but the result of The Times, its design and style will always be time needed.

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