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The restaurant's decoration

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-09
The decoration of the restaurant means

the restaurant's function is relatively single, and interior design from space to interface design, material selection and color lighting design and french country furniture configuration, etc all cooperate to build a suitable dining atmosphere.

1。 Ceiling

ceiling design of dining-room is rich, and tend to be particular about symmetry effect, its geometric center is corresponding to the location of the table. Because restaurants both in China and the west, whether it is round or square, all sat around the table, the dining environment to form an invisible center. Because the person is sitting repast, so dining activities required height is not high, so the designer can use the change of the ceiling rich restaurant environment, at the same time also can use dark slot to create atmosphere in the form of light. The modelling of ceiling is not symmetrical uniform requirements, but if not symmetrical, its geometric center should be located in the center position, this kind of treatment of bringing in favour of space. Ceiling is central to restaurant lighting light source, its lighting form is varied, lamps and lanterns is droplight, canister light, shoot the light, dark slot lamp, shed light etc, should be reasonable arrangement of different kinds of lamps and lanterns on the ceiling. Lamps and lanterns decorate besides should be to meet the requirements of the dining room lighting, of furniture decorate should also be considered and the position of the wall decorations, in order to make all kinds of lamps and lanterns echo. Ceiling forms in addition to the lighting features, mainly in order to create the environment of repast atmosphere, so in addition to lamps and lanterns, also can hang other art ornaments.

2。 Ground

than other space, the ground of the restaurant can have more rich change, the optional materials such as stone, floor tile, wood flooring, terrazzo. And the design style of the ground can also have more choices, balanced, symmetrical, irregular, etc. , shall, according to the general idea of the design to grasp the material choice and design of form. Dining-room ground material choice and practice should also be considered to facilitate the implementation of the clean this factor, to meet the specific requirements in the restaurant. To give ground material must be waterproof and prevent oil pollution features, approach to consider on dust adhesion between the tectonic seam not easily, otherwise it is difficult to remove.

3。 Metope

in the modern society, repast has increasingly become important activity, dining-room space use of time is getting longer and longer, the restaurant is the place where the whole family to have a dinner everyday, not only but also invite friends and relatives, conversation and leisure place. , therefore, of dining-room metope is decorated should grasp the internal space, according to the nature of space use, the location and personal hobby, by means of science and technology and the cultural, artistic technique, create function reasonable, comfortable and beautiful, accord with the physiological and psychological requirements of space environment. The adornment of dining-room metope, in addition to according to the dining room and bedroom whole environment in harmony, the principle of unity of opposites, but also to its practical function and the special requirements of beautification effect. Generally speaking, the restaurant than space such as bedroom, study the implications are more relaxed and lively temperament, and pay attention to create a warm atmosphere, meet the family members of polymerization.

4。 Colour requirements

colour bigger psychological impact on the people in the meal. According to scientific analysis, different color can cause people to different emotions when repast, as a result, the adornment of metope color must not be neglected. Although the be fond of of different people of color have very big difference, but on the whole, dining-room metope colour should be given priority to with anacreontic light color, such as orange and the color of the same hue, according to the analysis of statistics is the most suitable for restaurants and use a common color. Because of the effect of this kind of colour has stimulate appetite, they not only can give a person with warm feeling, and can improve the interest of diners, promote the emotional communication between people, active repast atmosphere. Understanding and perception of color, of course, is not a constant for a long time, different season, different state of mind, to the same kind of colour can produce different reaction. We can use other means to regulate ably, such as the change of the light, the napkin, the change of the tableware, the change of the decorative flowers and so on, deal with properly, the effect is very obvious.

5。 Lighting design

if the restaurant have natural lighting, can make dining-room appear clean and bright. The restaurant's artificial lighting mainly with droplight, desk lamp, wall lamp, canister light, shoot the light, etc. Generally used in conjunction to ambient lighting and accent lighting, environmental lighting wall lamp, canister light applications provide the overall intensity of illumination, build the overall atmosphere; Accent lighting application droplight, shoot the lamp to provide meals or display display intensity of illumination intensity of illumination. Key lighting is often centered on the table, in a setting corresponding ceiling chandeliers as the main light source, convenient repast. Available dropdown droplight, Scalable) Light table, more outstanding meal a cordial and friendly atmosphere. But choosing the lamp, must pay attention to the lamps and lanterns and the distance between the desktop. Sometimes also can set the table lamp, candle on the table as accent lighting, quiet and tastefully laid out and romantic interest. Often need to decorate many display in the restaurant, such as adornment, wine to beautify the environment, in order to achieve better effect, can increase the accent lighting and cooperation, the artificial lighting often choose to shoot the light, etc.

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