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The rainy season to solid wood furniture be affected with damp be affected with damp

by:HOOLNN     2020-07-28

in the hot summer, moistureproof problem ensued, bathroom, quilt flood tide, or the rainy season hits, you're worried about open cupboard door also has a moist taste, solid wood furniture, with its natural woodiness sense, durable, environmental protection, high properties and by the vast number of consumers love, but the vast majority of consumers little is known about the maintenance of solid wood furniture, so a lot of people are handled poorly understood in terms of oakwood furniturebe affected with damp be affected with damp, don't worry, huahe furniture small classroom teach you solid wood french country furniture moistureproof small trick!

first of all, the tide is the bathroom, bathroom, a day of indoor air moisture content is too much, the whole family are tide tide, so the bathroom as be affected with damp be affected with damp areas, must often mop the floor, don't let the water in the bathroom all night oh.

how wardrobe moistureproof: chest is a place where a family clothes, once you start a flood tide signs of mildew, needless to say, everyone knows: wardrobe for damp mildewy will send out the mold spores, if long-term exposure to mold spores, will receive the infringement, can cause symptoms such as respiratory diseases and allergies, so it's very important to be moistureproof.

once found home has the sign of the tide, first of all to clean up the mold, usually can use dry towel, dry brush, wet cloth to wipe clean, secondly if it is found that house with signs of mildew, after clean the mold, can also be a coat of varnish on the surface, this can effectively prevent mould again later. Moreover the wardrobe door is closed, often so closed tight is also one of the reasons for the flood tide, often open cupboard door through drafty.

actually furniture put way also can moisture-proof, keep real wood french country furniture relies on a wall with wall position 1 cm clearance, so can reduce the direct contact to the moisture of metope, furniture maintain indoor drying is necessary furniture moistureproof. ( In huahe you can see a lot of furniture products, like standing leg design and some detailed design provides great convenience for maintenance of furniture) Lime is a good and simple adsorbent, 1 kg of lime can adsorption in the air about 0. 3 kg of water, so we can use the cloth or bag wrapped quicklime in indoor, reduce the air moisture, keep the air dry.

in addition, should be regularly for furniture wax, every 6 - The furniture of 12 months, with a special paste wax to a layer of wax on the furniture. But before waxing, milder than alkaline soap water to erase the old wax. dehumidification frequency, in general, it is advisable to once a month: moistureproof main work is the dehumidification.

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