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The practice of different furniture maintenance

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-21
Different furniture maintenance mistake 1 pieces, chest at the time of maintenance, taboo raw hard pull chest, in case to wardrobe structure damage because of friction, or a broken leg. Chest pull out disinfection, attention can not in the sun insolates, prevent chest cracking deformation. Chest can not be in a damp place, avoid chest swell, long-term cause decay. In pieces at the top of the chest as far as possible do not put heavy objects, avoid the wardrobe doors bulge, clothing and reasonable to put as far as possible, avoid is more. Plate wardrobe disable water flushing, and can not be placed in alkaline, prevent chest come unglued. In pieces and avoid is used a wardrobe originally different colors of paint to fill cracks, leave scar. Mixer is prohibited to use strong alkaline water and strong acid water wipe the chest skin, can damage the paint. 2 pieces, leather sofa, spray wax to maintain leather sofa, a lot of furniture nurse on the manual of spray wax can be used to maintain leather sofa, causing a lot of friends made spray wax maintain skin's mistake. In fact, furniture care spray wax can be used to spray woodiness furniture surface, cannot spray on the sofa. This is because, dermal sofa is the animal's skin, once the spray wax in the above, the pore that can bring about leather goods jams, time grows, the leather will be aging and shorten its service life. At the same time, some friends to make furniture looks more luster, some wax product direct daub is on furniture, it is harmful to leather sofa, can make furniture surface with mist spots. Is commonly used in pieces such as soap and water to wipe a lot of friends have chosen to use soap and water, detergent to wipe of dermal sofa, however, this not only can effectively remove dust accumulation on the surface of the furniture, detergent on dermal sofa also has certain corrosion resistance, thus will damage the surface of the furniture, let furniture have dimmed. At the same time, although the leather sofa not easy ooze water, but water for a long time to wipe, moisture will infiltrate into the wood, this will lead to wood mold or local deformation, shorten service life. It is understood that if there is water seepage in the first two years as additives such as formaldehyde has not been finished completely volatilize, not moldy. But over the long term, wet cloth moisture will cause furniture mould, if the residents on lower floors, sofa in huangmei days a year may mildew. 3 pieces, cloth art sofa, drying time long sunshine good, a lot of people in order to get rid of the bacteria on the sofa, the sofa cushion, cushion to bask in. Moderate drying in the sun can kill bacteria, but if long time to dry in the sun can make sofa cloth qualitative hard and brittle and thus reduce the service life of cloth art sofa. So the sofa to dry, also want to degree. Pieces for a long time exposure antivirus the window of cloth art sofa, often long exposure in the sun. Indeed, exposure can undoubtedly sterilization, but the sun is very big to the harm of cloth art sofa. The ultraviolet ray in sunshine can affect the color of cloth art, even lead to fade, become angry phenomenon. So, in order to avoid cloth art sofa 'hurt' by sunshine, might as well as the sofa a change of position, or put on a pair of one-way perspective for oneself the home window screens. One-way perspective window screening, through high-end technology, adopts flat silk woven. These flat wire with continuous regularly form small triangle cone prism, it is these small prism of each side can take advantage of the optical principle of the reflection of the incident light, easily to most of the ultraviolet light reflection to go out, have the function of the uv protection. Mixer beat often misunderstandings about sofa dust will have a lot of people, think often flap can effectively remove dust, let the seat to keep clean. But often pat cotton cushion makes cushion inside is loose, and lead to cushion deformation. So do not need to cushion often beat, regular cleaning is ok. To understand and pay attention to avoid the above error, only the meticulous care and daily maintenance, can make furniture.
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