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The point of Europe type furniture of choose and buy

by:HOOLNN     2020-09-01
European-style luxury, beautiful, originated in Europe's aristocracy european-style villa decoration style, European style is also a main orientation for the decoration of the villa, look particularly beautiful, together. Can choose a few more features european-style wallpaper wallpaper decorating the room, such as a bible story and characters painted wall paper is a typical European style, so perfect of furniture of Europe type style small make up detailed everyone must be very want to have, but now on the market of furniture of Europe type style is uneven, in European style furniture of choose and buy when we all need to pay attention to what? Below small make up together to learn, please. 1, see a brand when consumer choose and buy must pay attention to choose the big brand furniture, once appear quality problem, is to be found. 2, see the appearance. Europe type furniture of choose and buy when, as far as possible choose elegant european-style furniture, to see if the line of furniture, natural circulation. 3, look at the European and American furniture material quality, choose wood are on a good solid wood, fine wood, texture of natural circulation, texture, loud voice, no obvious odor, but the lower part of the board, wood raw material is poor, easy to moldy, craze. 4, work study, furniture edge banding have become warped edge, the condition of uneven, if the clearance between the door and furniture drawers wind is bigger, clarify the Europe type furniture work, the more coarse, apply over time is likely to appear to be out of shape. 5, look at the European and American furniture chooses workmanship carve, vivid, more sensitivity and contains many hundreds of years passed down craft arts, has a common skill and dense civilization. European furniture often use the round and valuable. such handiwork, a variety of carving techniques of natural, pure craft.
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