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The original city dwellers don't put double bedroom, the fashion now, practical and save money!

by:HOOLNN     2021-01-28

when decorate now has many different with before, can not choose double bed or twin bed. Like many young people follow the trend, now there are many kinds of couch couch rice, effect is different, the result is concise and pure and fresh style. Couch couch rice has many good function, more suitable for their own home without the old man, children can play them brush. Convenient according to your own personal needs, small family more applicable tatami, today small make up and you say small tatami knowledge!

a, the advantages of tatami

1, maximize space utilization. Tatami can reveal the largest space in minimum range, that is to say, tatami can increase the storage space, increase the utilization of space. In recent years favored by many small family family and love, because it receive a function is so powerful, can make the room more clean and tidy, the advantages of said it first.

2, healthy environmental protection. Generally use solid wood custom, couch couch rice straw mat also USES pure natural and mat, from the Angle of environmental protection is very good.

3 and high flexibility. Decorating household now, entered the era of custom, just can meet the demand of the couch couch rice, can according to your home room gauge design and production, meet your various needs.

4, good to the body. Tatami mat warm in winter and cool in summer, moisture absorption heat conduction, can adjust air humidity, the bones of human body while sleeping couch couch rice it can be especially good.

5, without being limited by the door and space. Tatami unlimited: decorating can float window in the bedroom, sitting room, balcony, and even can be made into tatami.

6, feature rich. Tatami and room space function diversification, elevator can learn, receive a visitor or entertainment, can be integrated on a shelf lockers and computer desk, etc. , make tatami home to the guest is more than the rest of the space.

7, as long as or used must have seen friends will know the couch couch rice receive powerful function, tatami can reasonable use a space in the first place. Second is under the couch couch rice store content ark, store content function is very powerful, can let the home more clean and neat, not a mess.

8 and complete function of couch couch rice combines entertainment, leisure and other usage, not only can be placed on the bookcase, desk, can also be placed in the sheets. When needed can be used as a study, home have a visitor can serve as the guest lies, relatives and friends come and can be as a leisure entertainment places, and sit on it to drink a cup of tea, chat.

9, saved a space adequately. Not only can replace the use of tables and chairs, but also can replace the use of the bed, the furniture as short as possible excess piled up.

2, tatami cost

1, the box counting price: we know the reason and the use of couch couch rice material is barrier of pine double-sided without scarring, its cover plate adopts the plate, his height is 350 mm, tatami mat: 50 mm, so the sum total of 400 mm, 400 mm need extra 25%, calculation method for: length * width * unit price

2, tatami calculate price: tatami standard is: thickness of 50 mm, filler as the coconut palm, up to 2000 mm, the width can be up to 900 mm, it's important to note that unit price is determined by place and fillers, couch couch rice it way to calculate the price as follows: long * wide couch couch rice of couch couch rice * tatami high

3, convergent lines: convergent lines in addition to have the effect of beautiful is more important to protect the tatami mat. Specifications of binding off line: wide is: 50 mm, up to 50 mm ( According to the selected tatami mat) , material is using solid wood pine, its price is way different from the above, it is to calculate the price according to linear meter.

4, exposed surface: what is exposed surface? Exposed surface is one from 1 * 4 lines is assembled, 10 mm x 40 mm specifications for: ( A single) , material still use pine wood, calculation for the price as follows: according to the linear meter charge.

5, elevator: edge and tatami elevator can be divided into three types: manual, electric, electric, manual lift mesa is 800 mm * 800 mm ( The biggest can do 90 mm * 900 mm) , its price is way more simple, direct, calculated at the Numbers.

6, labor and paint: the area of the installation is according to the cabinet put oneself in another's position and to calculate the sum of platform area, paint fee is according to brush paint, area computation, paint, of course, have different kinds of different prices, we usually have three kinds: essential oils, polyester paint, wood oil, are to be highlighted, wood oil is a kind of environmental protection of pure vegetable oil. Couch couch rice is different material price also is different! 7, tatami mat price: 100 & ndash; — 500 yuan / ㎡ solid wood couch couch rice price: 1000 yuan / ㎡ above soft couch couch rice should be one of the cheapest price, it is a fixed size, buy back can use, typically in a few hundred yuan.

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