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The material of TV ark with what good

by:HOOLNN     2020-08-14

TV ark not only appearance is concise and easy, and practical, has the very good store content function, so get the favour of many families. Different material has its advantages and disadvantages of TV ark, everyone according to their own household demand when the choose and buy, learn more contrast different material TV ark healthy environmental protection, aesthetics, durability, such as price to choose again.

the lacquer that bake panel TV ark

lacquer board is density board base material, surface bakes entrance lacquer through 6 gush high temperature baking. The characteristics of the board of the lacquer that bake is colour and lustre is gorgeous, have very strong visual impact, is very beautiful and good waterproof function, fight corrupt capability is strong, easy to clean. Defect is the high level requirements, scrap rate is high, so prices high. Will care when using, afraid of knock against and scratches, are difficult to repair, once appear, damage to the overall update, easy occurrence chromatism.

fire prevention board TV ark

fireproof plate type color contrast is gorgeous, sealing side in a variety of forms, with wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, resistant to cut, penetration resistance, easy cleaning, moisture, do not fade, feel is exquisite, affordable and other advantages. Fire prevention board plate substrate for particle board, moistureproof board or density board, appearance with fire prevention board face. Fire prevention board to fit the TV ark is beautiful and useful; Combining the development trend, but defect is plank for tablet, cannot create the stereo effect, such as high and low, metal fashion sense is a bit poor.

real wood plank TV ark

solid wood TV cabinet plate, a typical style of the ancient, usually higher prices. The door frame as the solid wood, cherry wood color, oak, walnut color color to give priority to. For MDF paste wood veneer door core, manufacturing level of usually do in solid wood appearance appearance, spray paint, and keep the original wood color and beautiful appearance. This will ensure that the special visual effects, of real wood frame and can ensure that core board composition and board strength.

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